49-year-old woman first person charged in Jan. 6 Capitol incident, meanwhile NYC Looters Go Free

It was formerly known as the “most exciting day of (her) life” and now this 49-year-old woman who was unarmed at the Capitol on January 6 just became the first person to be charged from an arrest stemming from that day’s events, as reported by Indy Star.

Her name is Anna Morgan-Lloyd and she plead guilty and the judge, one with 33-years of experience, slapped her with several charges.

However, Morgan-Lloyd was able to avoid jail. Instead, she was given three years of probation, 40 hours of community service, and expected to pay $500 in restitution.

All of that just for walking around the Capitol during a protest might seem harsh considering how other cities handle their protesters. For example, hundreds of looters had charges dropped in NYC. One might think actual looting would result in several charges and an obvious prosecution provided the evidence proved guilt, but not in a Democrat run city!

Morgan-Lloyd’s charges were “one charge of parading, demonstrating or picketing in a Capitol building” and she’s now required to do community service, pay money, and spend three years on probation. Not only that, but she’s no longer allowed to purchase a firearm due to her probationary status.

Compare that to people who robbed stores, damaged buildings, and who may have engaged in physical attacks of others and you’d think the looters would be the one’s facing criminal charges.


Despite the horrible comparison of the rotten apples (looters in NYC) to the charges and punishment Morgan-Lloyd faced  – it could have been much worse if she didn’t do these few things to help her case.

For starters, she plead guilty which may have helped her avoid a much stiffer sentencing. Next, she expressed remorse and apologized for her actions and showed she wanted to be more educated in American history, showing the court she is making progress and sorry for her actions. That can sometimes go a long way with a judge – but all judges are different. Morgan-Lloyd also had a fairly clean record, so that certainly could have played a part.

Meanwhile, the people who looted NYC could be repeat criminals sitting home watching their free big screen TV while Morgan-Lloyd sits on probation.

Sounds fair, right?

Indy Star reported that Morgan-Lloyd’s judge had trouble deciding what would be the proper punishment for her actions:

U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth delivered the 49-year-old Bloomfield woman her sentence Wednesday afternoon in a teleconference hearing.

“I have really struggled with what would be an appropriate sentence,” Lamberth said.

The judge of 33 years said he feels “troubled” by the accounts of some members of Congress who compare the insurrection to a “day of tourists walking through the Capitol.”

Morgan-Lloyd issued a response filled with tears and said she wanted to support Donald Trump that day, but in a peaceful way. She did not seem to expect any of the alleged violence to happen and suggests she wouldn’t have been there if she knew it would be like that.

Keep in mind, the majority of Trump’s supporters were not engaged in violence, but with many protests, there is often a small portion of people who can get out of hand – just ask Antifa and BLM about that. Many of the protesters who entered the Capitol on January 6 appeared, in videos, to simply be walking around the building. Granted, being in certain offices might be a crime, and no one argues that, but that day compared to looters torching buildings, robbing stores, and attacking people are quite the comparison.

Is it fair that Morgan-Lloyd now has this on her criminal record while NYC looters get off free?

At least one business owner in New York is “disgusted” by how NYC is handling the alleged criminal looters, reported NY Post:

Seventy-three of the 118 people arrested in the borough had their cases shelved altogether, another 19 were convicted on lesser counts like trespassing, which carries no jail time, the report said.

Eighteen cases remain open, with NBC not accounting for the other eight arrests.

“Those numbers, to be honest with you, is disgusting,” Jessica Betancourt, who owns a Bronx eyeglass store that was looted and is vice president of a local merchants association, told NBC. “I was in total shock that everything is being brushed off to the side.

How can looters have their charges dropped, but an unarmed woman with no criminal history gets placed on probation, fined, and forced to do community service?

How did the justice system let looters go free while charging a 49-year-old woman who wanted to protest in support of her president?

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