You Lied To Me: 9-Year-Old Student Shames School Board over BLM Hypocrisy

A school board is taking heat over their alleged hypocrisy regarding a Black Lives Matter (BLM) poster that was placed in a school building, despite the rule that no political propaganda was allowed in the building – including BLM content, as seen on BPR.

The school board set the rule and then this young eloquent student took notice, so she used her platform to deliver a speech to the school board directly, publicly shaming them for what happened.

As it turns out, the people who allegedly placed the BLM poster turned out to be the very same school board who told staff and students that no political propaganda was allowed, so the girl exposed them as hypocrites in front of an audience.

Rules for thee, but not for me seems to be in play with this one.

WATCH the video:

“The other day I was walking down the hallway at Lakeview Elementary School to give a teacher a retiring gift. I looked up on to the wall and saw a BLM poster and an Amanda Gorman poster. In case you don’t know who that chick is, she’s some girl who did a poem for Biden’s so-called inauguration. I was so mad…”

The girl continues obliterating the school board and expressing her distaste for the hypocritical actions.

“I was told two weeks ago at this very meeting spot, no politics in school. I believed what you said at this meeting, so at lunch I went up to the principal to tell him about the BLM poster and that I wanted it down. I was stunned. When I was here two weeks ago, you told us to report any BLM in our schools. Apparently, you know they’re in our schools because you made the signs.”

The girl suggests that she asked the principal about the signs and they responded with information about who put them up – the same school board who told everyone else NOT do to it.

The young student reminded the audience that as a child who simply just wants to be friends with people, she doesn’t see the physical attributes in people, but she does notice who treats her well and she responds to that. People who treat her nicely are reciprocated with the same common courtesy, the way that it should be.

The student then mentioned Martin Luther King’s words that reminded people to treat each other based on their character and nothing else.

At this point in her brilliant speech, the student referred to the school board as a group of liars and expressed her disappointment.

“You have lied to me and I am very disappointed in all of you… You can’t even follow your own rules. If you’re going to do that, why do we follow any rules we deem unfit or ridiculous? I’m not following your mask rule anymore then…. Get the posters out of our schools. Courage is contagious, so be courageous.”

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton provided information about the school and community in regards to the posters, saying:

For some time now, there has been a contentious debate in the community over the posters. The school board originally ruled that the BLM posters had to be taken down on campus after both parents and students complained about them. Then, the board backtracked and posted two of the posters at Lakeview Elementary School as part of their “Inclusive Poster Series.”

“The poster series includes two that say ‘Black lives matter,’ which the district has said stands for the social justice movement, but those in opposition say it reflects the views of the Black Lives Matter Global Network, which they said stands for political positions. Opponents maintain any poster with that name on it should be banned by policy,” Sun This week reported.

The posters in question have a black background with white lettering. They were banned from the school grounds in September of 2020. To get around that ruling, the board simply made new posters using different colors and fonts.


When it comes to school boards making the rules, the same school board should follow their own rules and not make any exceptions for any one group.

If the adults in the room can’t follow their own rules, then how can they expect the children to do the same thing.

Not following one’s own rules is straight out of the Democrat playbook.  Just one look at Democrat leaders like Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Gavin Newsom are prime examples. Another example of Democrat failed leadership is Lori Lightfoot who’s failing her city of Chicago while being labeled as a racist who only gives 1-on-1 interviews to black and brown journalists.

Rules for thee, not for me never works, just ask the Democrats.

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