7 Steps to Restore Donald Trump: Someone gave CPAC guests a card with the details

CPAC is off to quite a start this year with Donald Trump Jr. mocking CNN and Hunter Biden, but nothing will top this card that someone was passing to some of the guests.

The card details the 7 steps it would take to restore Donald Trump as president, in days, not years or decades or millenniums.

The card was posted on Twitter by Forbes reporter, Andrew Solender, who stated: “CPAC attendee sent me this pic of a card they were handed about a “7-pt. plan to restore Donald J. Trump in days, not years,” which involves installing Trump as speaker and ousting Biden & Harris.”

The card looks fantastic as it names Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as a witch and watching her melt when the curtain is pulled back, an obvious reference to Wizard of OZ  – and if you didn’t catch that, then you need to go watch the movie asap.

Biden and Harris would need to be impeached – that would be lovely and makes sense, because they’re not doing a great job anyway. Kamala Harris even thinks voter ID is bad because rural people who don’t live near an Office Max couldn’t possibly figure out how to make a copy of an ID if they had to send one in. Kamala Harris seems to be just making things up and insulting Americans as she goes.

Here’s the card:


Yahoo News even picked up this story, running the following on it:

The cards seemed to have been made by a group called Patriots Soar, which was not affiliated with the event organizers.

The outlandish plan involves ousting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and eventually installing Donald Trump in her place.

Donald Trump as Speaker would then call for a vote to impeach, charge, and remove “imposters” President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

As the Speaker of the House is third in the line of presidential succession, Trump would then take up the presidency again in this highly improbable scenario.

The plan hinges upon Republicans regaining control of the House, which they plan to do by pulling back the curtain on “the horror show” of the Democrat Party, causing groups such as the Black Caucus to “flip” sides.

The card links to a website that elaborates on the madcap scheme to reinstate Trump and claims to have proof connecting the Democrat party to satanic sacrifices.

Yahoo mentions restoring Donald Trump as president as a “highly improbable scenario” but as us positive glass half-full thinkers would say, “so you’re telling me there’s a chance?”


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