New Trump Tower? Barron’s height soars to new high

Rarely photographed Barron Trump, who recently turned 15-years-old, just reached a new physical high with his height being listed at 6 feet 7.

Donald Trump himself is 6’3″ and Melania Trump is 5’11” – so it’s very easy to see where Barron’s huge height comes from. Meanwhile, Eric Trump is no longer the family tower, as he’s only a mere 6’6″.

Barron is now being referred to as the “new Trump tower” on NY Post, who managed to sneak some photos of the living legend.

He looked every inch of it on Wednesday when he stood head and shoulders over his mom and their security detail as they were snapped leaving their Manhattan home, the suitably named Trump Tower.

The towering teen, wearing a dark, long-sleeve T-shirt tucked into his jeans, also appeared to show impeccable manners, with the Daily Mail saying he was carrying his mother’s bag for her.

For photographs of Barron Trump now, you’ll have to check them out on NY Post’s article.

A video from months ago showed Barron already towering over his parents.

Last year Barron Trump was busy towering over then-Vice President Mike Pence, and now the youngster is even taller!

Here’s another video showing his height then, at a slightly smaller number:

What will Barron Trump do with himself after high school and possibly college? That all remains to be unseen, but as of now, he’s hopefully enjoying himself as a teenager, living life, and having fun while doing it.

We don’t see much of Barron Trump and he’s out of the spotlight, as he’s only 15-years-old – but many wonder if he’ll become a social media sensation one day. Or will he go into politics? What job will he do as an adult?

It’s all a mystery, but one things for sure – it’s gonna be tough for his competition, no matter what he decides to do.

Maybe Barron Trump will run for president 20 years from now when he turns 35!

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