Biden bumbles statement on Reagan and 1984 and Twitter erupts

President Joe Biden bumbled his way through a statement about the economy and Ronald Reagan and 1984.

The ancient Democrat said “Ronald Reagan was telling us ‘It’s morning in America.’ Well, it’s getting close to afternoon here. The sun is coming out.”

Has Joe Biden been to a store or bought gas lately?

Has Joe Biden remembered that labor shortage we’re suffering right now because some people would rather stay home and live on government handouts instead of going back to work?

The response to this video was classic roasting of the president, stuff you’d see on Comedy Central, except it’s real life and this blabbering blubbering buffoon runs the country.

Twitter is the gift that keeps on giving and anytime there’s a funny Joe Biden clip, we can be sure the Internet comedians come out to play. The sad thing here is that some of the funniest replies come from accounts who don’t have a lot of followers. Always remember to follow the people who keep you laughing, because there’s a good chance you have a lot in common – like paying more than usual for gas!

In any case, if anyone doesn’t remember, the sun usually comes up in the morning – not the afternoon like Joe Biden says in his absolute blunder of a statement referencing Ronald Reagan and 1984 (it was supposed to be a book, not real life).



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