Check On Your Grandparents. There’s A Killer On the Loose: James Woods Obliterates Cuomo

Disgraced Gov. Andrew Cuomo had some nerve to say “we know how to deal with an epidemic… we want to do with gun violence with what we just did with COVID” and that was all it took for Hollywood legend James Woods to obliterate the failing Democrat governor with one single sentence.

While Gov. Cuomo’s scandals over the past few months seem to have gone hush, likely because liberal media won’t hammer Cuomo for being a alleged dirtbag like they would to Trump. But James Woods just wasn’t having it and let Cuomo know in an instant.

To make this an even worse experience for crummy Cuomo, let’s listen to him physically say this before showing the grand prize of a James Woods Tweet. Just hearing Gov. Cuomo’s voice is enough to make some people cringe.

Here’s Cuomo in his typical muffled voice, sounding like a sham as usual:

Hold up. What part of “WE” know how to deal with an epidemic is HE talking about? Cuomo, if anything, showed that he failed the entire state of New York in his administration’s mismanagement of nursing homes and sending patients there.

We all know how that turned out, and to see him standing at a podium acting like he’s the savior of New York (in his own head) is just FUBAR and it’s a shame he’s still governor.

James Woods just had to let it out. He saw one news clip from WROC and clanged Cuomo over the head with a simple single Tweet: “Check on your grandparents. There’s a killer on the loose.”

Daily Wire added more depth:

Woods, in reference to Cuomo’s actions during the COVID pandemic that were connected to the deaths of thousands of elderly members of retirement or nursing facilities, fired, “Check on your grandparents. There’s a killer on the loose.”

As The Daily Wire reported, Cuomo on Tuesday “signed an executive order declaring a disaster emergency on gun violence, which he said was the first of its kind in America. The executive order outlined how the state would respond to rising gun violence, without any mention of the root causes.”

“Top aides of Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo reportedly pressured state health department officials to alter a report to remove the total number of nursing home residents who died from the coronavirus,” The Daily Wire reported in March. “The governor’s aides’ purported role in editing the health department report suggests that the cover up of New York’s nursing home data began much earlier than previously thought and as Cuomo began writing a book touting his leadership during the pandemic.”


Gov. Cuomo is so bad at politics and taking care of his state and it’s hard for anyone to defend that man’s work with an honest face.

Cuomo’s decisions were bad and he’s getting worse.

In response to James Woods, one can’t check on their grandparents if Cuomo already got to them.

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