CRACKDOWN INBOUND: Tyrant Biden Considers National Mask Mandate

The Biden administration seems to be poised and ready to reinstate universal mask mandates to combat the new virus strain of “Delta variant”. The supposed kissing-cousin of COVID-19 and currently wreaking havoc around the world.

The Washington Post reported that Sleepy Joe is considering using the CDC as a conduit for reinstating mask guidelines. That initial discussion came after individuals within the White House and staffers within Speaker Pelosi’s office tested positive for the virus. This includes six of the fleeing renegade Texas legislators who earlier in the week also tested positive for COVID-19. It would seem they didn’t “follow-the-science” or the law.

The self-aggrandized lawmakers fled Texas on a chartered flight for Washington, D.C. in cramped quarters without any of them wearing a face mask, which is a violation of current federal aviation laws.

The idea of reinstating face masks especially within progressive states has always been a viable political option for the far left. This is because it affords them the opportunity to consolidate additional political power by using the new virus strain as a continuing health crisis with no end date in sight.

The virus has proven to be a political bonanza for Biden from the very beginning of his campaign for the White House, all the way to winning the Oval Office and becoming the 46th President of the United States.

Biden’s top advisors are well aware that directly mandating masks from the Oval Office is a very risky political move. More importantly, it is unconstitutional. Thus, if and when the administration decides to move they’ll more than likely use the CDC as a proxy to update mask guidelines.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Thursday; “The head of the CDC, our public health arm, just spoke to this earlier this morning and made clear that there had not been a decision to change our mask guidance. We are guided by science and we’re guided by our public health experts and any decision would come from the CDC… There has been no decision to change our mask guidelines.”

Biden on Thursday said that his COVID-19 advisory board was looking into the matter, and also did not specifically rule out a change in recommendations.

We follow the science. What’s happening now is all the major scientific operations in this country and the 25-person group we put together are looking at all the possibilities of what’s happening now.”

Biden emphasized that if people are vaccinated, “you are safe,” but said the board is “investigating every aspect of any change that could or might take place.”

The potential crackdown once again by local and state government bureaucrats mandating masks has average citizens sounding off. Fox News took to the streets in and around our nation’s capital Thursday afternoon, asking both local residents and tourists alike, what they think of the potential mask mandate.

Local D.C. resident TJ Dashner said, “I would do it just so I could go outside, but I wouldn’t be happy about it. I mean, in my eyes, we had the vaccine, the delta variant is just like another strand of the flu at this point.”

He added, “At some point we have to just move on.”

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