Democrat Mayor Blames Trump for Crime Surge, Gets Called Out Immediately

Here we go with Lori Lightfoot again.

When the failing Democrat mayor isn’t saying people only criticize her because she’s a black woman, she’s then blaming her disastrous Democrat run city of Chicago’s crime problems on former President Donald Trump.

To make it worse, Lori Lightfoot then suggested Newsmax was “incendiary” – but wait, does she mean that hypothetically, or like a fire set by Antifa?

Lori Lightfoot, when asked about the crime problems, suggested the question was insulting to her. She also suggested the crime rates are trending down in her city of Chicago, but that doesn’t mean the city isn’t suffering from major crime problems – they’re just a little bit less than last year, if she’s being honest.

Newsmax reported on Lightfoot’s nonsense:

“For four years we were ignored over and over and over again,” Lightfoot said about Chicago’s crime surge during her Friday evening briefing, which came after meeting with the Chicago City Council that was spurred by Newsmax questioning one week ago. “I started raising these issues from the moment I became mayor. We needed more help from our federal partners.”

Lightfoot, whose facts on Trump were false, praised President Joe Biden and the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms for assisting on “crime gun” seizures in the city, noting a dangerous July 4 weekend to come.

Lightfoot could have asked Trump to send the National Guard to help. But why would she take help from a non-Democrat president?

“This is a very challenging weekend, historically, going back decades,” Lightfoot told reporters, suggesting the “six hours of questioning” in a City Council meeting was untimely and potentially taking away from crime fighting for the dangers of the weekend ahead.

“Every single day the men and women of our police department are under danger,” she added. “We’ve seen an unprecedented level of people shooting at the police, last year and still this year.

“Yes, we’ve made progress this year. Not enough. No one can be satisfied until we see dramatic drops in homicides and in shootings.

Isn’t every day in Chicago a challenge with their current crime rates? Even if the crime is down slightly from last year, the crime in Chicago is still too high.

Shooting at police? I wonder who’s fault that is when Democrats are yelling at the clouds to “defund police” every other day and making police look like villains instead of clamping down on criminals.

Heck, the Democrats already made statues of George Floyd, a man with a criminal history. One day Democrats are knocking down statues of historic figures, the next moment they’re building statues of criminals. Democrats only want it one way or the high way.

“Every major city in the United States, since 2020, is seeing a surge in violence – New York, L.A., Atlanta, D.C., across the board – but what we’re seeing here in Chicago is a downward trend, both in homicides and in shootings,” she added.

“Again, are we satisfied? Because what you’re saying is, ‘Hey, wait, there was a shooting someplace in our neighborhood.’ Yeah, there are shootings, but what we are seeing in the data is a year over year, month over month decline and that is progress, yes sir.”

Kelly [from Newsmax] noted Lightfoot’s selective use of data comparing 2020 during George Floyd rioting to 2021 and the fact Lightfoot this week denounced criticism of her handling of Chicago’s crime telling local news: “99.9 percent of the criticism” is because she is “a Black woman.”

How does anyone not break out into snorting laughs when Lori Lightfoot suggests that most of the criticism she gets is because of her skin color and gender?

Does she simply live in a Willy Wonka magical world where she’s eating all the candy and it makes her forget that she’s just a failing Democrat mayor who’s doing a bad job? It’s like Lori Lightfoot doesn’t want to hold herself accountable for her own policies and mistakes.

Thankfully, the Newsmax correspondent challenged Lightfoot on that drivel:

“Do you honestly believe that?” Kelly asked. “The City Council of Chicago is obviously made up of many Black women who criticize you.

“Do you really believe the criticism of you is 99.9% based on the fact you’re a Black woman?”

Lightfoot initially deflected back to denying social unrest last June can be called “race riots.”

“So, you said about 15 things, most of which were wrong; let’s deconstruct some of that: We didn’t have race riots last summer,” she told Kelly, repeating a claim he asked “15 questions” in last week’s heated exchange.

“No, you’re wrong. Sir, you’re wrong, and I know that you like to be controversial. You do.”

Lightfoot is getting soooooo mad and it’s good that she’s being essentially called out on her nonsense.

They go back and forth a bit more and at some point Lori Lightfoot insults the Newsmax correspondent as a “failed” political candidate (she should look in the mirror) and then suggests Kelly was being “incendiary.”

“But what you don’t have the right to do is make up facts,” Lightfoot continued, despite her misrepresentation of “fact” on Trump not helping Chicago for July 4, 2017 weekend. “We did not have race riots in our city last year. That’s just wrong. And it’s incendiary.”

Lightfoot proceeded to attack Newsmax, suggesting criticism of her was incendiary.

“Now, I know that’s what Newsmax likes to do, but I’m not going to let you take liberty with the facts, not in front of me,” she continued. “You’re not going to get away with that.”

Not going to get away with what? Demand answers and accountability from a mayor?

Kelly then asked she redirect her focus: “So you’re not going to answer my question?”

“I answered your question,” Lightfoot said. “Your question, frankly, was insulting. You said race riots, you conflated the fact there were members of color on the City Council and somehow I don’t have a right to say, as a Black woman, as a lesbian, I don’t – my belief that some of the criticism is based solely on the basis on my gender and my race – that’s my personal . . .”

But, she said, “99.9%” of the criticism, Kelly reminded her.

“That’s my personal opinion, sir,” she shot back. “You don’t have a right to criticize my personal opinion. So, I think I’ve answered your question as best I can, and now we’re moving on.”

Oh, it’s an opinion now. Well, the good thing about those is we DO have the right to criticize them and when they’re simply WRONG, we have the freedom to call them out.

Lori Lightfoot’s criticism is because of her inability to do her job – not because of what she looks like. It’s just like how Kamala Harris is slammed for the US/Mexico border being a disaster when it’s her job to fix it and she’s clearly bad at the job.

What’s going on with Democrat politicians and refusing to hold themselves accountable when they’re doing a bad job?

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