Duel Polls Show Both Harris And Biden In For A TOUGH Re-Election Bid In 2024

It’s a double whammy for Democrats hoping to hang on to power in 2022 and keep the Oval Office in 2024.

Two separate polls conducted roughly at the same time finds both President Biden and Vice President Harris not faring very well among Republicans and Democrats alike.

The first poll conducted by the Trafalgar Group from June 23rd to June 25th found most Americans believe that Sleepy Joe isn’t running the show. Instead, that someone or an as yet unidentified group is telling Joe what to do.

The poll interviewed 1,086 individuals asking each responder whether or not number 46 was running the show and directing policy within the Oval Office.

A whopping 56.5% of responders believe that someone else is pulling Joe’s strings in the White House. Even 31.7% of Democrats believe that others in the deep-state are telling the 78-year old cognizant challenged Biden what to do.

As predicted Republicans are most adamant regarding Biden’s ability to think clearly, 83.6% view him as simply a figure-head signing prearranged executive orders, given to him by White House staff to sign. While 58.4% of Independent voters, believe that Biden is given daily instructions by a group of individuals, running the show.

Mark Meckler, President of Convention of States Action, said recently after viewing the poll, “President Lincoln’s famous refrain that you can’t fool all of the people all of the time has never been more relevant and critical to the survival of our American Republic.”

He added, “The American people deserve transparency from the Biden Administration as to the true state of the President’s mental and physical health, and leaders in both parties in Congress need to follow through on this immediately.”

The continued failure to ask hard questions and demand real answers is a disgrace to the foundation of our democracy,” he said.

Popular news host Tucker Carlson in an Op-Ed for Fox News said its “hard to believe there have ever been numbers like that in American history about the president.”

Adding; “Outside of this channel, no one on television is allowed to say what seems obvious, which is that Biden can’t really do his job. That’s forbidden, precisely because it’s true,” he wrote.

The congenial Fox host noted that it isn’t Biden’s age; “We don’t say a lot about Biden’s decline on this show, because it’s depressing, and because our default position is always to respect old people, especially when they get a little soft, as we all will if we live long enough, so it’s bad karma to mock them for it. But in Biden’s case, it’s demonstrably true, and everyone knows it, including his family. The question is, who’s really in charge if Biden isn’t?”

Another nationwide poll conducted by the Trafalgar Group concerned Vice President Kamala Harris, and whether the American public has confidence in the 56-year old veep.

The poll found that a majority of voters, almost 64% of those surveyed were either “not confident at all” or “not very confident” of the former California Senator.

The biggest surprise was among Democrats who actually split their support for Harris; with 35.7% of those respondents saying they were “not confident at all” while 38.3% stating they were “very confident.”

Republicans of course gave Harris a failing grade, with almost 84% saying they were “not confident at all.”

The poll also found those key Independent voters also have no confidence in Harris, with almost 62% registering “no confidence at all” compared to 30.8% having some level of confidence in the VP.

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