Joe Biden sued by Sheriffs and ICE amid border disaster

President Joe Biden is up to his teleprompter in a new lawsuit filed by multiple sheriffs in Texas and officers from ICE who’ve teamed up against the Biden administration and the Department of Homeland Security amid a major border disaster that’s taking place right before our eyes.

The lawsuit accuses the Biden administration of violating statues that would normally allow certain undocumented people to be detained or removed from the United States. It seems like ICE is not fully capable of doing their job and the sheriffs are struggling to get anything done as well, so they’re targeting the Sleepy Joe White House for their failures to do THEIR job, which should have simply been to allow ICE to do their job.

Meanwhile, Kamala Harris stopped in El Paso to say hi and do a photo-op nearly three months after being tapped as border czar. She found time to travel across the planet to Europe, but couldn’t board a morning flight to the border and actually GO to the dangerous parts where all the trouble and drama is located.

It’s almost like she does not want to look her job in the eye, but instead just cackles at the entire country as she parades around as Vice President without having any useful skills – a talent-less vice president who’s as useless as her leader, Potato Joe.

Click2Houston had details of the lawsuit, stating the following:

The lawsuit includes Sheriff Brad Coe of Kinney County, Texas, Sheriff Emmet Shelton of McMullen County, Texas, and Sheriff Rand Henderson of Montgomery County, Texas. The suit, Sheriff Brad Coe, et al. v. Joseph R. Biden, Jr., et al., accuses the Biden Administration of “violating federal statutes that require certain illegal aliens to be detained and removed from the U.S.”

On Feb. 18, Alejandro Mayorkas, with the Department of Homeland Security, issued a policy memorandum that prevents ICE officers from detaining or removing illegal immigrants, according to the lawsuit. The plaintiffs are asking the Biden Administration to “follow the law and to allow the ICE officers to do their job,” according to the lawsuit. Its states that ICE officers requested “permission to take custody of numerous dangerous illegal aliens, including child rapists and drug dealers, but have been denied permission by their superiors under the Biden Administration policy”


Joe Biden might be thinking, “why kick them out when they can become Democrat voters one day!” Or maybe it’s along these lines: “They might be horrible criminals, but hey, every vote counts!”

The report continues:

“The Biden Administration policy stands in direct violation of not one, but three, different federal statutes,” said Kris Kobach, general counsel of the Alliance for Free Citizens and lead attorney for the sheriffs and ICE officers. “Congress has mandated that the executive branch must detain and remove certain illegal aliens, but the Biden Administration is ignoring the law. ”

“The Administration’s actions have forced ICE to stand down and have almost brought deportations to a halt. That has fueled the crisis at the border, encouraging more illegal immigration. It has also created an unbearable burden for local law enforcement in Texas,” Koback said.

Former President Barack Obama was nicknamed the Deporter in Chief. It’s a shame Joe Biden didn’t at least learn that while he wasted eight years watching his son Hunter Biden embarrass the family.

At the very least, kick the criminals out asap! Oh wait, if someone is here ILLEGALLY, then doesn’t that make them a CRIMINAL in the first place?

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