Liberals losing their minds, refuse to celebrate “Racist” 4th of July

Former President Donald Trump tried to ban TikTok and after watching some of these videos of liberals refusing to celebrate the 4th of July, it’s a shame the Don wasn’t successful in banning it.

Now don’t get me wrong – there is a LOT of great content on TikTok – lot’s of funny videos, sports clips that I enjoy watching, and quirky dance videos. But there is one section of TikTok where mostly white liberals rant about America and how much they hate it and how the American flag is racist, and literally everything is racist to them in some shape or form.

THAT part of TikTok is a disaster – but if it makes you feel better, the comment section on most of those videos is other TikTok users telling the anti-Americans to pack their bags and buy a one way ticket to Somalia or another dirt-hole country where their communism might be accepted.

The fact that TikTok users are calling out the liberals and asking them to go live somewhere else and take their anti-America nonsense with them is proof there might still be hope for this generation, so we don’t need the giant meteor to strike us just yet.


But oh my goodness, the liberals on TikTok are just so far gone that I honestly feel bad for their parents. Also, WHERE IS THEIR PARENTS? If your son or daughter turned out like this, then maybe you didn’t do your job as a parent in the first place.

Either way, here’s some of the best Libs of TikTok thanks to one Twitter user who collects them all in one place so we can all laugh at them together.

Some of them hate America. Some of them won’t celebrate 4th of July. Some of them hate the American flag…etc, there’s quite a mix! Just remember, for every one of these, there’s probably 100+ people in their comments defending America and asking if they can help buy the communists a one-way ticket out of our amazing America.


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