Trump-Hater Joins Nancy Pelosi’s “Bipartisan” Commission as Only Republican

A well-known Trump-hating Republican defied the GOP and accepted a invitation from Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to join the commission to investigate the incidents that occurred on January 6, reported NY Post.

Of course, that’s none other than Liz Cheney and the GOP warned her about turning her back on her party, but she insisted on teaming up with the Democrat House Speaker, letting millions of Republicans down across the country.

The disgraced Wyoming Republican Rep. was already stripped of her leadership roles for her constant badmouthing of former President Donald Trump, disrupting the GOP in general, despite Trump being out of office for months.

Cheney faced even more criticism from Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy who suggested that her decision to accept the role on the investigation commission was actually a bit “shocking” and that he didn’t expect Cheney to accept anything from Nancy Pelosi, let alone an investigation role from a Democrat.

McCarthy further stated that he hadn’t heard from Liz Cheney and maybe she’s closer to Nancy Pelosi than people think.

Cheney’s response tells Americans even more about her:

She said in a statement, “I’m honored to have been named to serve on the January 6th select committee.”

Cheney added: “Congress is obligated to conduct a full investigation of the most serious attack on our Capitol since 1814. That day saw the most sacred space in our Republic overrun by an angry and violent mob attempting to stop the counting of electoral votes and threatening the peaceful transfer of power.”

Apparently the investigation commission is bipartisan, but is Liz Cheney still a Republican this point, or a Republican in name only?

Pelosi said that Liz Cheney had “patriotically agreed to serve on the committee” and many might wonder if it’s patriotic to do simple things, like stand for voter ID.

As of now, Pelosi’s sham investigation committee consists of seven Democrats and Liz Cheney is the only Republican. While it’s technically bipartisan with her on there, it’s not exactly a fair ratio of right to left, so how bipartisan could it really be?

And how bipartisan is it if Democrats selected someone who has Trump living in her head rent free and she can’t stop talking about him?

The NY Post provided more depth to Kevin McCarthy’s reaction to Liz Cheney turning her back on Americans once again:

“I’m not threatening anybody with committee assignments,” McCarthy said at a press conference.

“What I’m saying is, it was shocking to me that if a person is Republican, they get their committee assignments from the Republican conference. For somebody to accept committee assignments from Speaker Pelosi — that’s unprecedented.”

Pelosi’s commission to investigate would be more bipartisan if she asked Ted Cruz, Greg Abbott, Lauren Boebert, and Marjorie Taylor Greene to join – but of course, that would actually make it bipartisan and many believe House Speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn’t truly want a fair and balanced investigation because the truth might hurt the Democrats more than anything.

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