New Level of Insanity: Actor Kevin Sorbo Shreds Hollywood Culture for Ruining Captain America

Even though ratings for many Hollywood award shows are sinking faster than the Titanic, the woke culture in the entertainment industry keeps swinging farther left and they’re paying the price.

This time it was Hollywood’s Kevin Sorbo, another actor sick of how the woke nonsense is essentially ruining the entertainment business and sports, and Sorbo spoke out about it mightily in an interview.

In particular, Sorbo targeted Marvel Comics and their upcoming show called “The United States of Captain America.” Sorbo points out that the show, a spinoff based on Captain America, is about the American Dream – but suggests it “isn’t real” and “never really existed” as Marvel would suggest in the show.

And this is where Sorbo’s brilliance comes in as he takes down the entertainment giant with some very simple words, that even a far-left liberal would stop and say “hmmmm…”

WATCH the interview (and notice the giant sword behind Sorbo – oh my goodness, that is amazing!):

As Fox News reported:

“We keep reaching new levels of insanity,” Sorbo told “Varney & Co.” and he added that ”America is a great country. This is just another example of lies from the left.”

Sorbo explained to FOX Business’ Ashley Webster that being able to work and live in the U.S. has afforded him the American Dream.

“I think that America is still a pretty darn good place to live and a pretty darn good place to come to pursue your dreams,” Sorbo said. “This country is built on individuals. It was never built on big government.”

The actor claimed promoting anti-American sentiment in mainstream media and entertainment creates more division, especially in younger generations.

If you were born in America, then you already accomplished half of the American dream. It’s a privilege and a stroke of luck to be born in the United States instead of some place like Somalia.

We the people need to remember how lucky we are that we have nice roads, drinkable water (sorry, Flint, blame Democrats), and the darn Constitution that awards us the freedom to essentially be anything we want and do anything we want. Well, almost, but not without consequences if we mess up. You know, like following laws – things civilized people do.

Fox News report about Sorbo continued:

“Walt Disney said back in the 1950s… movies and television will influence our youth,” Sorbo pointed out. “Look at what’s going on in the streets across America today, especially in all the blue states and the blue cities, and all the anger and hate and violence going on out there.”

Saddened and distraught by the fact some people feel the U.S. is a “horrible” place to live, Sorbo encouraged them to try living somewhere else.

“I think people that really think this is a horrible country really should go spend a year in other countries where they think their utopia is and find out what socialism and communism truly is all about,” Sorbo said.

That’s right! Anyone who hates America (Democrats in Congress) can go buy a one-way ticket to China. LeBron James, Dem. Rep. Cori Bush, The Squad, every liberal Gen Z on TikTok – go buy one way tickets to the country of your choice and see if you can do and say all the same ridiculous things you do HERE, but try it over there.

See how fast you end up in the gulag in China for disrespecting their flag.

But no, the people who hate America never seem to leave. They know they couldn’t act like anywhere else without getting a block of concrete tied to their ankles and tossed in the ocean by a country who won’t tolerate their pathetic nonsense.

Fox News kept going:

America’s personal freedoms allow for individuals to achieve greatness, which Sorbo believes has contributed to the growing migrant crisis.

“If they knew it was going to be just as bad as where they were leaving, why do we have so many people in the world that still want to flock to this country?” Sorbo asked. “I don’t see anybody taking boats from Key West to Cuba. I don’t see anybody rushing to get down to Venezuela.”

Sorbo advocated for people to “wake up” and “speak up,” and support a unified American Dream.

“We have more than in common than we know,” Sorbo said.

Darn right! WAKE UP people, you’re in America. If you don’t make money, then YOU’RE the problem.

If you want something, then work hard to make it happen.

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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