New York City: A HAVEN For Crime, Drugs And Moral Decay; Who’s To Blame?

As a lifelong New Yorker, I recall the “bad old days” under a hapless Mayor David Dinkins who presided over a crime riddled city in the early 90’s. Incompetence and the inability to lead the “big apple” finally ended his reign in 1993 by his political rival “crime buster” Rudy Giuliani.

Within weeks of taking office Giuliani re-instituted “quality-of-life-laws,” that his predecessor had abandoned. Local ordinances such as vandalism, defacing public property, public urination and intoxication, graffiti, aggressive panhandling, along with an assortment of other quality-of-life laws were once again enforced.

The new mayor believed that ignoring illegal infractions although less severe such as public intoxication, eventually leads to more substantial crimes. Giuliani’s theory proved true and within the first 4-years as mayor New York City became known as the safest big city in the country.

All that has obviously changed under yet another incompetent Democratic mayor, content to allow the city to spiral out of control. However unlike Mayor Dinkins (also a Democrat), Bill de Blasio is perhaps the most disliked mayor in the city’s history.

A recent New York Post Poll found a whopping 72% of 1,000 Democrats surveyed rated de Blasio’s performance as either “fair” or “poor,” while just 26% of Democrats said he was doing a “good” or “excellent” job. Keep in mind, New York City is one of the bluest states in country, perhaps second only to California.

To illustrate just how pervasive the growing crime-wave along with quality-of-life issues has become in the “big apple”, in a typical 24-hour period, this is what has occurred:

On Wednesday 3- different woman were attacked in a span of one hour in the same Manhattan Park.

Police investigating the attacks, confirmed the attempted rape of the first victim, a woman in her mid 30’s inside Inwood Hill Park at around 10:50 a.m.

According to the victim, the assailant crept beside her as she was walking through the park announced he wanted to “rape her” before punching in the face, stealing her iPhone, her Apple watch and earbuds, and then fled the park.

About 40 minutes later, a man threatened to rob the second victim, a woman in her 40’s walking her dog in the park. The thug also told the woman he wanted to sexually assault her before fleeing.

The third attack took place just before noon, when another woman also in her mid 40’s walking her dog in the park was suddenly physically assaulted by man wielding a tree branch like a club striking the woman on the head and knocking her to the ground. He then attempted to pull down her pants before fleeing. No arrests were made as of late Wednesday night.

On that same night just a few miles away from the park, a Greenwich Village community board meeting descended into chaos as anti-cop protesters repeatedly yelled at local officials and NYPD officers.

At issue are residents living in expensive high-rise co-ops surrounding “Washington Square Park” the iconic and fabled landmark depicted in films for decades.

The Park noted through the years for its avant-garde charm, drawing generation of musicians, artists and street performers through its famed archways, has now descended into an all night meeting place for prostitutes, pimps, drug dealers, petty thieves and the homeless.

Local residents want police to enforce the law regarding late night parties. The meeting quickly turned into bedlam, between “Defund-The-Police” activists, the Washington Square Park Community Board, along with the NYPD attempting to keep the peace.

Captain Stephen Spataro, the commanding officer of the 6th precinct, was called a “racist piece of s—t” who will “go to hell,” as protestors shouted at a joint-panel of local officials.

We’re not looking for enforcement,” Spataro said. “We’d like to get through the night with no arrests, no summonses, we’re there just to make everyone feel safe, but we will make arrests when need be. Our goal is that our presence there will deter any issues.

Also on Wednesday night, 31-year old Farrakhan Muhammad was released without bail accused of shooting a 4-year old girl in Times Square on May 8th. His intended target was his own brother Joshua.

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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