30 Public School Districts Teaching Kids From Book Claiming “Whiteness Is the Devil”

Putting every single American (and non-American) into a box based on race is the modus operandi of the left. If liberals are not talking about race in some form or the other, they aren’t breathing.

And what better place to start race-baiting than in schools, therefore indoctrinating the minds of impressionable children?

This is disturbing.

From Fox News:

More than two dozen public schools and school districts are pushing what critics say is a toxic kids’ book that features a “[W]hiteness” contract with a devilish figure.

A list published Thursday shows districts or individual schools in more than a dozen states promoting the book “Not My Idea” by Anastasia Higginbotham. Released by anti-critical race theory activist Chris Rufo, the reporting focused on public schools or districts. One was a Native American tribal school.

It’s unclear how many private schools have recommended or utilized the book. Fox News previously reported on another Manhattan private school that recommended the book for kids over 8 years old.


Rufo also compiled a number of private schools, libraries, churches, and educational organizations that purportedly promoted the book in some way.

The controversial book, which has been the subject of a recent lawsuit, contains a scene where a demonic figure offers the main character a “contract binding you to WHITENESS.”

Joe Biden wants today’s kids to learn “critical race theory” in schools, despite its blatantly racist stance. Because that’s just the type of man he is.

From Heritage Foundation:

If the Biden administration gets its way, the federal government will soon be alternatively bribing and threatening every school district in the country to push divisive and damaging curricula on race in the classroom.

It would come courtesy of a proposed rule from the Department of Education, available for public comment until May 19. In announcing the rule, the Department cited the historically debunked 1619 Project from the New York Times, as well as the “scholarship” of Ibram X. Kendi, whose many radical arguments include a suggestion that every law in the country should be subject to the approval of an unelected board of “antiracist” academics.

But the rule’s consequences would be more than academic. It would infuse critical race theory into the whole of the federal government’s primary governing law concerning K-12 schools, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. And if Congress standardizes state civics metrics, the rule will help shape the content of it (and do it with a billion-dollar-a-year cash infusion), unwittingly moved forward in a bipartisan way by Republicans.

Let’s all say a prayer for Donald Trump to get back into the White House, come January 20, 2025. America desperately needs him back in office whether some people realize it or not.

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