Penn State Professor Publicly Humiliates Student for Being White; MN Rep Blames Cops For Driving Stop

Reverse racism has once again reared its ugly head, on yet another college campus. This time a Penn State professor named Dr. Sam Richards randomly picked a young man out of 700 students attending a lecture and forced him to stand up. He then began humiliating him in front of the huge audience.

Professor Richards was apparently attempting to demonstrate his theory concerning systemic racism by publicly shaming the student for no apparent reason, other than having white skin.

Richards who claims to be a sociology professor approached the student explaining to the audience in the lecture hall, “I just take the average white guy in class, whoever it is, it doesn’t really matter.

Richards continued, “Dude, this guy here. Stand up, bro. What’s your name, bro?” the professor then asked telling a student named Russell to stand up and face the class.

His condescending tone towards the student growing more confrontational, “Look at Russell, right here, it doesn’t matter what he does,” Richards continued. “If I match him up with a black guy in class, or a brown guy, even … who’s just like him, has the same GPA, looks like him, walks like him, talks like him, acts in a similar way, has been involved in the same groups on campus, takes the same leadership positions, whatever it is … and we send them into the same jobs … Russell has a benefit of having white skin.

Moments earlier Richards brought a black and white student up in front of the class before directly challenging the white student, asking him what he thinks of his “white privilege?”

Bro, how does it feel knowing that when push comes to shove your skin’s kind of nice?”
The student obviously intimidated sheepishly responds, “I don’t know, it makes me feel sad.”

Richards is well known for his unorthodox teaching style. His classroom antics have in fact paid off handsomely with his own television show titled You Can’t Say That.

Ironically, after listening to the 60-year old professor using slang verbiage one might ask if “white privilege” is also responsible for him becoming a tenured professor at Penn State University along with his television gig? After all, older people using slang from young adults, mocking their own race, and attempting in some bizarre way to connect to a much younger audience is all the rage in the mainstream media.

In another race related situation, this time in St. Paul, Minnesota a black Democratic lawmaker accused the police department of racism when he was given a ticket on July 4th claiming the police officer racially profiled him.

The incident reported by KSTP-TV claims State Rep. John Thompson of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party was issued a traffic ticket by a police sergeant because he’s black.

We’re still getting ‘driving while black’ tickets in this state and, in fact, in St. Paul,” Thompson said, according to KSTP. “So let’s just call it what it is, right … I shouldn’t have to be profiled, so this is ridiculous. Oh, and by the way, it was a sergeant here in St. Paul … We promote bad behavior.”

However St. Paul Police Chief Todd Axtell investigated the incident and is demanding an apology from the lawmaker. “These aren’t accusations I take lightly, so I looked into the traffic stop, watched the body worn camera footage, and spoke to the sergeant,” Axtell wrote, according to KSTP. “This stop, made at about 1:20 in the morning, had absolutely nothing to do with the driver’s race.”

He added, “Simply put, the traffic stop was by the books. What happened afterward was anything but… I’m dismayed and disappointed by the state representative’s response to the stop. Rather than taking responsibility for his own decisions and actions, he attempted to deflect, cast aspersions, and deny any wrongdoing.”

Axtell then called out Thompson, stating, “The driver, an elected official who does not dispute driving without a front license plate, owes our sergeant an apology.”

Moreover after the traffic stop police also cited Thompson for operating a mother vehicle with a suspended Wisconsin license.

The race-baiting and shaming of white students has become mainstream at this point and we all just want to know: When will normal Americans finally get fed up with this trash and put an end to it?

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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