CORRUPTING YOUR KIDS: Teacher’s Union President PROMISES To Defend CRT; Labels Parents “Bullies”

The culture war took another decisive turn Wednesday, when American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten took to the podium at the annual AFT TEACH Conference. There she vowed to defend Critical Race Theory (CRT) at all costs.

The 63 year old educator said that the teacher’s union “will defend any member who gets in trouble for teaching honest history.”

Weingarten doubled down in her criticism during the virtual conference. She blamed Republican legislators and concerned parents for the overwhelming backlash taking place at school board meetings around the country. These outbursts concern the racist overtones within the CRT curriculum which proclaim that America and in particular the white race are systemically and incurably racist.

There are legislators, mostly from the Republican party, who are currently bullying teachers and trying to stop us from teaching kids honest history.”

Acclaimed conservative radio host Tony Katz says if anything parents are the ones being bullied: “Parents you’re right. Don’t let these people bully you, they’re your children. Stand up, get more of you, talk to each other, and continue to fight for better education for your kids. The AFT wants indoctrination and they’ve just proven it to you.”

Perhaps even more disheartening for America’s parents is witnessing how disingenuous and dishonest the president of America’s second-largest teacher’s union could be. She claimed on national TV that CRT isn’t being taught in public schools all across America.

Weingarten shamelessly stated the blatant falsehood on Wednesday saying, “Critical Race Theory is not taught in elementary schools or middle schools or high schools.

Adding, “culture warriors” are “bullying teachers and trying to stop us from teaching accurate history.”

Her comments flies-in-the-face of well documented facts. Weingarten’s own union has promoted CRT in the classroom on national TV.

On a segment of “Good Morning America” on June 14th AFT Secretary-Treasurer Fedrick Ingram acknowledged while being interviewed that CRT “allows educators to give our students the opportunity to understand the full breadth and depth of the American society.”

The AFT also referenced CRT an “an irreplaceable lens with which we can view our difficult history” and “a way of understanding how racism has shaped public policy and law.”

The battle-lines across the nation are being drawn in every school district across the nation pitting local community board members and irate parents on a collision course.

Last month in Loudoun County, Virginia a school board meeting erupted into chaos. Hundreds of irate parents flooded the town hall protesting the boards’ decision to incorporate CRT within their schools district curriculum.

The public meeting had to be quickly shut down for fear of violence as shouting parents holding signs protested the boards’ decision. Law enforcement attempting to disperse the crowd had to be called in resulting in the arrest of two individuals who resisted being forced out of the building by the corrupt school board members.

Journalist Gabriella Borter of Reuters was at the scene and document the ensuing mayhem as protesters on both sides of the debate squared off.

Here’s the scene in Ashburn, VA this afternoon as parents protest against critical race theory before the Loudoun County school board meets. Scott Mineo, founder of Parents Against CRT, talking to a crowd of about 200.”

— Gabriella Borter (@gabriellaborter) June 22, 2021

Parents are demanding this dangerous and divisive trash be removed from America’s classroom because CRT is nothing like the “honest history” they claim it is. As the name implies it is someone’s theory, a supposition of ideas independent of actual facts. It is more aligned with a philosophical hypothesis among academics. 

However, one thing is for sure, it is being used as a hammer to indoctrinate young impressionable minds to hate one another based on the color of their skin, and it must be stopped. 

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