PAINFUL POLL: Time May Finally Be UP For Andrew Cuomo According To New Yorkers

It would appear New Yorkers’ are finally fed-up with Governor Cuomo’s outrageous behavior.

A new Siena College poll released on Thursday found 56% of New Yorker’s prefer a generic “someone else” to govern the state rather than the 63 year old Democrat. Also a majority (60%) if independent voters and 42% of Democrats do not want Cuomo re-elected, if he should decide to seek another term.

Even more significant, the poll found a sizeable 23% of voters “want him to resign immediately“; while 39% would prefer the governor finish-out his current term and not run again. A mere 33% want him to remain in office and seek another four-year term.

Cuomo’s eventual fall-from-grace began at the start of the worldwide pandemic when he and several other “blue-state” governors willfully ignored the CDC’s guidelines related to nursing homes, resulting in the untimely deaths of over 13,000, elderly patents in New York City.

At the time the governor mandated that COVID-19 nursing home patents be readmitted back into their resident nursing homes. The consequence of that dreadful decision, putting infected elderly individuals back into an “at risk” population was devastating.

The poll comes in advance of subpoenas being issued by New York’s AG alleging both sexual misconduct along with the COVID-19 nursing home deaths of residents and the subsequent cover-up by his administration in advance of a book deal.

One of those who suffered from Cuomo’s edict was Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean, who lost both her elderly nursing home in-laws.

When I first read that the governor was writing a book in the middle of the pandemic, I thought it was a joke. I thought it was a headline in the Babylon Bee or The Onion. How could a governor write a book about leadership when thousands of elderly are dying? It was incredible. And I was mad at the time but seeing he got over $5 million for this, profiting off the deaths of New Yorkers, including my in-laws, it’s disgusting.”

Spectrum News reported on Wednesday impeachment investigators, “met… to advance subpoenas,” concerning the allegations. Thus far Cuomo has refused to resign.
However, not all is doom and gloom for the wily progressive Cuomo. There’s little doubt if he was a conservative Republican facing the exact same charges in New York he would have already been impeached and criminally indicted.

Cuomo has also been able to rebuff calls for impeachment simply because New York is a one party progressive state and the governor is still a powerful and accomplished politician.

New Yorkers are also a mixed bag of Democratic liberals along with their more radical progressive counterparts. Moreover they outnumber Republicans 7-1. This works in Cuomo’s favor, in that only 13% of Democratic voters and 13% of Black voters want him to resign now.

By contrast top elected officials like Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer along with Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand have called for Cuomo to resign. This puts them at odds with many Democratic voters.

Rich Azzopardi, a senior advisor to Cuomo said, “Today’s Siena poll is surprisingly positive because New Yorkers have only heard one side of the story and haven’t yet heard the truth.

He added, “When they hear the true story and the political games people are playing it will be much different. Also it’s remarkable that only 13% of Democrats said the governor should resign even though virtually all Democratic politicians‎ called for it. Clearly Democrats believe the governor more than the politicians.‎”

However state Republican’s are already making plans, hoping to finally wrestle away the governorship from Cuomo (if he decides to run) in 2022. This week another hopeful Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin won a straw-poll of GOP county chairs, designating him the “preferred candidate.”

Cuomo’s governorship may still be up in the air but one thing is for certain. If the polls are to be believed New Yorkers are over Andrew Cuomo.

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