Afghanistan Debacle: Who’s To Blame? Biden Says ANYONE But Him

The fallout from Biden’s bungled and incompetent Afghanistan withdrawal is perhaps the worst foreign policy decision since the Gulf of Tomkin Resolution, enacted by LBJ back in 1964. That decision plunged America into a bloody 15 year conflict in Vietnam that is still felt today.

Bidens attempt during his emergency news conference to the nation, to blame others for his sloppy and ill-conceived exit strategy is an example of just how out of touch this administration is.

A bombshell report alleges that Biden refused to listen to his top military advisors to keep a contingency force of 2,500 armed American servicemen (the exact number negotiated by then President Trump). This would have been a buffer between the Afghanistan government and the Taliban during their own negotiations in reaching a peaceful settlement.

Instead, Biden ignored his advisors opting instead for a complete unilateral withdrawal without any of the preemptive safeguards negotiated by the Trump administration.

The end result of Bidens disastrous decision was played out over the weekend on TV’s and phones around the world, showing thousands of Afghanistan civilians attempting to flee the county. Clogging highways and airports, some in a desperate attempt to get out of the country clung to the side of a military transport cargo plan as it took off from the Kabul’s International Airport, moments later they plunged to their deaths.

That horrific scene, and other like it was being repeated all over the country as Taliban fighters took control of the capital with little resistance from the Afghanistan military. The Afghan Army had all but vanished during the siege.

Bidens blunder was also compounded by military leaders within the Pentagon who praised Afghan forces claiming that they were ready to take control of their country.

General James Mattis told Congress during his confirmation hearing in July 2010, that the Afghan military alongside U.S. forces were “the worst nightmare for the Taliban.”

Adding; “The Afghan army is increasingly effective.”

Fast forward to 2012 and another general tells the House Armed Services Committee, “We remain on track to ensure that Afghanistan will no longer be a safe haven for Al-Qaeda and will no longer be terrorized by the Taliban.”

Perhaps this would be a good time to pause for a moment and recall what military generals were saying back in 1967 during the Vietnam War. General William Westmoreland optimistically predicted that there was “light at the end of the tunnel.”

That observation and others like it by military brass (along with professional politicians) extended the war for almost 8 more years.

Biden is a product of that era and of the Washington establishment. He is a mediocre career politician with a long history of making bad decisions, lying, and corruption. He only hit pay-dirt when he was tagged for Vice President by Obama.

On Monday, faced with a groundswell of anger from both political pundits and the general public Biden was forced to come back to the capital and explain his disastrous decision.

Clay Travis, one half of the “Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show”, made perhaps one of the most insightful analogies thus far saying; “If ‘experts’ were this wrong about Afghanistan, ‘how can you trust them on border, COVID”?

Co-host Sexton also weighted in stating; “One of Donald Trump’s ‘points of genius’ was that he was ‘willing to call out elites as phonies and frauds.”

Former CIA analyst Matt Zeller appearing on MSNBC, addressed Bidens pathetic speech, blaming others for his incompetence. “I was appalled. There was such a profound bold-faced lie in that speech. The idea we planned for every contingency? I have been personally trying to tell this administration since it took office. I have been trying to tell our government for years this was coming. We sent them plan after plan on how to evacuate these people. Nobody listened to us,” Zeller said.

Zeller also slammed the administration for not having adequate plans to evacuate the thousands of Afghan citizens looking to escape Taliban rule. It would seem that finally no one is happy with Biden. the question that now remains is what will be done about it?

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