FED UP: NYC Restaurants SUE After De Blasio’s BOGUS Vaccine Mandate

With less than 2% of diners actually infected by COVID-19 at New York City restaurants, a group of small business owners along with a number of eateries filed suit Tuesday afternoon. They are challenging Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio’s executive order forcing customers to be vaccinated before entering an indoor restaurant or other indoor activities.

The lawsuit filed by The Independent Restaurant Owners Association, Max’s Esca, DeLuca’s Italian Restaurant, and Pasticceria Rocco are asking for an immediate injunction against the mayors unconstitutional executive order. It’s no surprise considering the order requires diners to be vaccinated before being allowed to even enter an establishment to actually sit and eat a meal.

Also joining the lawsuit are Evolve-33 and Staten Island Judo Jiu Jitsu (both fitness centers) listed as plaintiffs.

The suit filed in the New York Supreme Court contends that “faced with arbitrary, irrational, unscientific, and unlawful vaccine mandates,” the plaintiffs would take a hit to their “business, life savings, and livelihood.”

The suite continues, “This vaccine mandate is arbitrary and capricious due to the fact that it targets certain establishments but not others with no rational what so ever.”

Adding, “Vaccinations are now required for indoor dining, indoor fitness facilities, and indoor entertainment facilities. Both staff and public must show proof of at least one (1) dose of vaccination to be allowed to work in or enter such establishments.”

The mayor in early August announced his arbitrary decision requiring proof of vaccination for “certain indoor businesses” which once again calls into question De Blasio’s motive in signaling out particular indoor business, while ignoring others.

De Blasio has time and again used the media to promote vaccinations, even attempting to bribe skeptical New Yorkers into taking the vaccine by offering them money. He usually ends his on-air performances telling viewers to follow all of the CDC guidelines.

However, data has shown throughout the course of the pandemic that wearing ordinary none medical face coverings does little in actually protecting an individual from contracting the virus. Moreover, a December study showed that restaurants and bars where individuals socially gather are the least likely areas were COVID-19 is transmitted. They account for only 1.43% transmission rate and yet they’re being hounded by another inept Democratic politician whose only skill is to constantly harass business owners.

Ironically De Blasio’s vaccine mandate also targets minorities within poor communities.

Just 31% of blacks in the city are vaccinated, leaving a staggering 69% unvaccinated. The same holds true for Hispanics with just 42% vaccinated and 58% unvaccinated. To make matters worse, many of these individuals work within the service and food industry which means many will not be able to work or could get fired unless they cave to an unwanted medical decision forced on them by government.

The disparity for younger African-Americans between the ages of 18-44 is even worse with just 28% of black New Yorkers fully vaccinated compared to 48% of Hispanics and 52% of white New Yorkers within the same age category.

De Blasio’s prides himself on his progressive ideology and yet his unconstitutional mandate actually discriminates against a number of minority groups within the city. All because they refuse to be vaccinated. Last we checked that was still a private medical decision. Ironically almost 30% of all healthcare workers around the country who actually follow the science also refuse to be vaccinated for a variety of reasons. Some have already contracted the virus and have natural immunity, while others are concerned that the FDA hasn’t yet fully approved of the vaccines.

One can only hope that the courts finally put these unconstitutional oversteps by Democrat tyrants to bed once and for all.

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