Judicial Watch Lawsuits: Biden Hiding BOTH Crimes Committed AND Infection Rates Of Illegal Migrants

Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch has recently filed several separate lawsuits against President Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS), along with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

In both instances the lawsuits are targeting the government’s refusal to publicly disclose the crimes committed by released criminal aliens. Also up for investigation is the number of infected COVID-19 aliens being released into the United States.

The lawsuits contend after taking office in January, Biden and company willfully ended Trump’s successful “Remain-in-Mexico” program which had highly reduced the number of illegal aliens entering the country.

The former president ended the disastrous “Catch and Release” policy, favored by the Obama Administration. Instead the Trump Administration (with the help of Mexico) devised a brilliant yet simple strategy. Illegal migrants attempting to enter Mexico from the north were stopped by Mexican troops stationed along Mexico’s northern border. Also Mexican nationalists attempting to enter America through its southern border were also detained on the Mexican side of the border.

However all that changed the moment Biden was sworn-in as president. He issued a number of Executive Orders that, in effect, allows the United Nations to actually set immigration policy for America. They facilitate the release of illegal aliens into the United States without any apparent oversight from Congress.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said during a press briefing recently that “international organizations in Mexico” are helping facilitate the release of thousands of foreign nationals who were enrolled in the “Remain in Mexico” program.

Mayorkas stated, “We have developed a virtual platform that enables individuals with active cases in the Remain in Mexico program to actually register for relief. The organizations then help transport them safely to the port of entry.”

The organization in question is the UN, which has a long sordid history of ignoring crimes against humanity and other foul deeds by member renegade nations. Countries like China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran are considered peers to Western nations in making international decisions and sanctions.

DHS along with the UN are planning to release about 25,000 illegal migrants into ports of entry in Brownsville, El Paso, Texas, as well as San Diego, California.

On Wednesday, the government watchdog group Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against DHS for allegedly failing to disclose the number of Remain in Mexico migrants who went on to commit crimes after the agency released them into the U.S. interior.

The request by Judicial Watch for information on criminal aliens was provided by DHS on April 5th claiming that the agency found no criminal records on Remain in Mexico migrants. However, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have not provided any information.

This had Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton asking why Biden and company are literally dragging their collective feet.

“The Biden administration should come clean about crimes committed by aliens as a result of its reckless decision to end [Remain in Mexico], a commonsense measure put in place by the Trump administration to try to control the border.”

However, Fitton wasn’t through, in another Freedom of Information Act lawsuit the 53 year old conservative activist filed another suit alleging that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) failed to provide information on the number of infected COVID-19 migrants, knowingly released into the country. To date, HHS has yet to respond to the lawsuit.

In a prepared statement Fitton acknowledged the administration’s lack of transparency; “The Biden administration secrecy on its border crisis includes stonewalling on the issue of Covid-19 and illegal immigration and controversial refugee resettlement programs.”

In April, the New York Times wrote an expose detailing how the Biden administration contracted numerous hotels asking them to quarantine thousands of infected COVID-19 migrants. The infected individuals then simply walked away and continued their journey into the interior of the United States. Border czar and VP Kamala Harris has not come up with nor implemented any plan that would slow down the crisis at the border, and the heat just keeps rising. 

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