OPEC+ Rejects Bidens PLEAS For More Oil; Says USA “Doesn’t Need It”

It’s been a rough 48-hours for the Biden team. First was his embarrassing “mea culpa” for his utter miscarriage of leadership of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan’s. Now comes the stunning rejection on Monday from the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), refusing to pump more oil to the US. They stated that it’s member countries (including Russia) “do not need more oil” on the world market.

Last week a desperate Biden urged OPEC to boost oil production output, claiming that if they didn’t gasoline prices would rise worldwide and perhaps threaten the current global economic recovery. However, OPEC didn’t bite perhaps seeing through the president’s true motives.

Biden later told reporters that the United States had made clear to OPEC that “the production cuts made during the pandemic should be reversed” as the global economy recovers “in order to lower prices for consumers.”

However Bidens bid for more oil production by OPEC sounds more like a self-serving attempt to save his own political hide after he immediately yanked the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline the moment he took office.

That single decision resulted in the immediate layoff of 25,000 – 40,000 well paying American jobs. Not to mention the loss of over 35 million gallons of Canadian crude oil flowing into the United Sates every day once the pipeline would have been completed.

Biden also decided to lift the Trump sanctions on Russia’s Nordstream 2-Pipeline, green-lighting the Russian project. This would allow Russian-controlled oil flowing throughout Europe, ironically helping Russia’s fledging economy while undermining our own.

Moreover, the decision to lift sanctions on the Russian pipeline run by Putin crony, CEO Matthias Warnig (a former East German intelligence officer) have some wondering if somehow this isn’t payback by papa Joe for Hunter Biden’s pay-for-play scam. Hunter allegedly received $3.5 million dollars in 2014 from a Russian Oligarch named Yelena Baturina (the wife of the then mayor of Moscow) when Biden was Vice President.

The lifting of sanctions towards a major global adversary while reducing our own capacity makes no strategic or economic sense. Moreover, this makes America once again dependent on the Middle East rather than being energy independent. This little detail could paint the motivations for the Afghanistan debacle in a new light.

OPEC had agreed in July to boost output by 400,000 barrels per day a month starting in August until its current oil output reductions of 5.8 million bpd are fully phased out.

Also an OPEC source speaking on condition of anonymity told Reuters News that they would not output more oil, while another source also confirmed there was “no concern that the planned schedule of increases would leave any demand unmet.”

Moreover, according to the latest data from both OPEC and the International Energy Agency (IEA), (an energy watchdog group), acknowledged that the current worldwide consumption of oil is within a normal range. He added that “there was no need for extra oil.”

OPEC is scheduled to hold another meeting on September 1st to review their policy. At that time they will once again review more data before making any decisions on oil production.

Meanwhile, Biden is still attempting to permanently ban fossil fuels to appease the radical Left’s “Green New Deal” policies by eliminating fracking and new oil and gas leasing on federal public lands. This all but guarantees a surge in energy consumption along with continued price increases of gasoline and home heating oil well into the foreseeable future.

According to industry analyst, Trilby Lundberg of the Lundberg Survey, the average price of regular grade gasoline in the U.S. increased another 3 cents over the last three weeks averaging just over $3.25 per gallon nationwide.

Ironically, progressive San Francisco doesn’t fare too well by Bidens anti fossil fuel policy, averaging the highest cost in the nation for a gallon of regular gasoline at an astounding $4.50 per gallon.

Also according to industry analysts, the price of diesel fuel which is used mainly by the commercial trucking industry is up another 2 cents from three weeks earlier to a whopping $3.33 per gallon. That increase translates to higher prices for goods and services, especially at the grocery store.

Next time you go fill up your car, remember to thank Biden for the lack of money in your pocket. And don’t forget it during the midterms.

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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