RINO Romney Weighs In On Afghanistan; Blames Biden AND President Trump

Barack Obama had no business ever being president. The only reason he won in 2008 was because of Bush and the recession. The MSM pushed for “hope” and “change” and boy did they get it, just not in the way it was meant to work out.

Obama’s 2012 re-election bid should’ve been over before it started, given how awful the guy’s first term was. The problem was that Mitt Romney was too bland. Him and Paul Ryan, both.

Nowadays, Utah Senator Romney (RINO) spends his time disparaging Trump like he gets paid to do it.

From Politico:

Sen. Mitt Romney said Sunday morning that the current situation in Afghanistan is the direct result of decisions made by both the Trump and Biden administrations.

“If you focus on what we should do right now, recognize we’re in the position we’re in right now is because of terrible decisions made by two administrations,” the Utah Republican told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union.”

“One, the Trump administration negotiating directly with the Taliban, getting ready to invite them to Camp David, opening up a prison of 5,000 Taliban and probably ISIS-K individuals and letting them free. We don’t know whether some of them were involved in the attack that occurred. These were the decisions that led to what you’re seeing and the danger that exists at the airport. This should not have happened.”


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