SAY WHAT? Republican Governor Tries Shaming People Into Getting the Jab (Watch)

If you are a Republican living in Maryland, we’re sorry. This news won’t come as a big surprise to you, unfortunately. As usual, RINO Governor Larry Hogan is pulling a liberal tactic by attempting to shame people into getting a covid vaccine.

Funny, though. Doesn’t it seem as if those who were vaccinated keep getting sick, while the unvaccinated remain…fine?

Hmmm. That might be a theory worth researching.

From US News:

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Urging people to “just get the damn vaccine,” Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced new vaccination requirements for state employees who work in congregant settings with the vulnerable on Thursday — or else face strict face-covering requirements and regular COVID-19 testing.


From The Right Scoop:

This is terrible. If you really want to convince people to get vaccinated, shaming them is not the way to do it. Telling them that THEY are the problem and that their freedom to not get vaccinated is threatening the freedoms of everyone else – well that’s just authoritarian bullcrap, to put it nicely.

No, the way to do it – if that’s even possible now – is to put good information out there about the vaccines and to let them decide. Also, the FDA fully approving the vaccines, which is apparently coming soon, would go a long way.

Shaming people and threatening them like this will only make them angry and more stubborn when it comes to getting the vaccine, and it won’t help anything. Rather, it will likely make it worse.

Don’t people like Larry understand that those who haven’t received the jab yet probably don’t want it? How is shaming going to help the matter?

At the end of the day, far too many dopes like Hogan think they know better than the average American. Truth is, they really don’t.

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