Tearful Teacher QUITS In Front Of School Board And The WHOLE Nation

It was a remarkable dramatic moment as a young fifth-grade teacher took to the mic at a board meeting Tuesday afternoon at Loudoun County Public School. The institution has become a hotbed for the radical curriculum known as Critical Race Praxis (as well as those who oppose it). The principles of the controversial teaching divides young minds based on the color of their skin pigmentation.

Educator Laura Morris began softly speaking about her love for teaching and watching her fifth graders blossoming under her tutelage. She reminded those in attendance that she has been teaching at LCPS for the past 5-years, along with an impressive record.

Morris then lamented softly that the school boards sudden radical swing to the left calling into question her Christianity became too much for her to bear.

She referenced the boards egregious “equity training” course mandating teachers to attend. In one particular training session Morris (a devote Christian), was told outright that “White, Christian, able-bodied females currently have the power in our schools, and ‘this has to change.”

That overt racist and anti- Christian remark decided once and for all Morris’ course of action as she confronted the board Tuesday stating that the boards “political ideologies that do not square with who I am as a believer in Christ.”

Adding, “A Dissenting Opinion Is Not Allowed.”

Morris began growing emotional as she continued speaking. “Clearly, you’ve made your point. You no longer value me or many other teachers you’ve employed in this county. So since my contract outlines the power that you have over my employment in Loudoun County Public Schools, I thought it necessary to resign in front of you.”

Unable to hold back her emotions any longer, Morris’ voice began to crack, as she tearfully delivered her most powerful lines.

I quit your policies, I quit your training, and I quit being a cog in a machine that tells me to push highly politicized agendas to our most vulnerable constituents – children,” she added, starting to sob mid-sentence. The young teacher then turned and walked away.

Morris’ dramatic resignation is the end result of a widening animosity between outraged and informed parents along with a number of concerned teachers pitted against a hostile school board, bent on dividing students along stereotypical racial lines, black and brown students are systemic victims, while white students are systemic oppressors.

Earlier this year an advisory panel to a northern Virginia public school posted a threatening message to those teachers and parents that don’t toe-the-line regarding their agenda to promote critical race theory (CRT) in every public school in Virginia.

The so called advisory panel and self described group known as the Loudoun County Public Schools Minority Student Achievement Advisory Committee (LCPSMSAAC) posted the harassing email on several social media sites, including on Facebook and Twitter.

There is strength in numbers & we believe wholeheartedly, that united, we can & will silence the opposition. We ask that you please support our call to action by engaging in these 5 small, but impactful actions to help us in our mission of Advancing Equity through Action!” the tweet read.

LCPS MSAAC Thread 620x661 1

However the bullying email was captured by a concerned parent, and reposted, which apparently freaked-out LCPSMSAAC, as the posts were quickly delegated.

The next day the group posted a new tweet with an apology. “We would like to sincerely apologize to anyone who may have felt as though your voice would be silenced or who has been offended by our post as that is not now, nor has it ever been our goal or intention.


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