The Incredible Shrinking VP; Harris Continues To Win Every Unpopularity Poll

The above headline is actually a snarky spin-off to a little known 1981 flick titled “The Incredible Shrinking Woman” starring Lily Tomlin as suburban California housewife. She accidentally ingests a toxic chemical that begins to reduce her in size, ultimately shrinking her to the size of one’s index finger.

Unlike Tomlin, our illustrious Vice President hasn’t ingested any toxins in reducing her stature. She’s managed quite nicely to do that all on her own.

You’ll recall that Harris actually dropped out of the 2020 presidential race before the primary voting even began. She spent in excess of $39 million dollars on her campaign before bailing out in December.

Her brief roller-coaster ride for the presidency had the 56 year old California Senator at a respectable 12% support nationally. After her debate performance against Sleepy Joe she rose another 3%, peaking out at 15% approval.

She then suddenly dropped like a stone, tanking out at just 3% approval in August where she stayed before dropping out.

By all logic Harris should have quietly disappeared from the national scene back to California. However, Sleepy Joe (perhaps in the midst a Metamucil moment) tagged Harris as his VP which has proven to be a disaster for his administration.

By all accounts Harris is a difficult, awkward, and unskilled politician. She is unable to converse intelligently and her sudden giggling outbursts are indicative of someone unaccustomed to answering difficult questions.

Recently Breitbart News, in an exclusive interview with Senator Tom Cotton, asked the Arkansas Republican to critique Vice President Kamala Harris’ performance thus far.

Cotton’s response, everything she touches “she usually makes worse.”

Breitbart then asked about the border crisis and why Biden hasn’t inspected the southern border. “Biden doesn’t want to go to the border because it will simply highlight his disastrous border policies.”

I think he and his administration put Kamala Harris out in front because they wanted her to take all those slings and arrows. She finally went to the border… Really not much more than a layover in El Paso at the airport on her way to Los Angeles,” he said.

Adding; “But I’m not exactly sure it was smart for all these other people to call for her to go to the border, because anything she touches, she usually makes worse,” Cotton observed. “So I’m worried that having been to the border, it’s gonna get worse. As we saw in June, the numbers of illegal aliens just kept going up.”

A Wall Street Journal National Security report echoed the same concerns about Harris, stating she “has faced criticism from members of both parties for failing to go there despite her role leading the administration’s response to the migration spike.”

Texas Senator Ted Cruz observed Harris was “emulating the President in hiding from the crisis, and so suddenly President Trump is going to the border and they realize ‘oh crap, we’ve got to do something.’”

In a recent YouGov tracking poll Harris’ unpopularity reached “critical mass” showing the VP with a 49% un-favorability rating, making her the most unpopular VP in the last 50 years.

That dismal poll number had Democratic Woman in damage control mode, rushing to Harris’ defense in Washington, DC, to discuss the VP’s “media crisis,” according to a report.

The roster of influential and powerful Democratic woman descending on our nation’s capital read like a who’s who in the Democratic Party.

There was former adviser to Bill and Hillary Clinton, Kiki McLean, former DNC officials Donna Brazile and Leah Daughtry; former spokesperson to Obama adviser Stephanie Cutter. Also in the dogpile were Democratic strategists Adrienne Elrod and Karen Finney, to name just a few.

Of course there were those who attributed Harris’ shrinking performance as VP to racism and sexism. This tired call has fallen on mostly deaf ears as the continued beating of the “racist sexist homophobe” drum is beginning to sound more like the Democrats who continually cry wolf. Especially when their own media heroes (like Cuomo, Northam, and Lemon) are being exposed as the worst perpetrators of all. 

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