Trump, Pompeo, and Van Drew Call For Biden To “RESIGN”

The chaos in Afghanistan may in fact be the last straw that finally brings this administration down. The cumulative mishandling of our immigration policy, our economy, the pandemic, crime, and now Afghanistan, by the Biden White House, has finally called into question Biden’s competence and more importantly his ability to actually lead the nation, for another 3 years.

Former President Trump witnessing the unfolding disaster over the weekend called on Biden to “resign in disgrace” over his handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal and other issues.

In a prepared statement Trump wrote, “It is time for Joe Biden to resign in disgrace for what he has allowed to happen to Afghanistan, along with the tremendous surge in COVID, the Border catastrophe, the destruction of energy independence, and our crippled economy.”

The former president also reminded the media that his withdrawal plan from Afghanistan had to meet specific benchmarks for an orderly and definitive transition. The administration under then former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had carefully negotiated with both the Afghanistan government along with the Taliban.

The terms set a withdrawal date of May 1st when U.S. troops would begin leaving Afghanistan provided once again all of Trump’s goals were implemented.

However, when Biden came into office he immediately began a scorched earth policy writing a number of executive orders eliminating most of Trumps accomplishments within the first few days in the Oval Office. He also announced a new Afghanistan policy in which he would withdraw all U.S. troops from Afghanistan without leaving a contingency force in place. He wanted this done by September 11th, the 20th anniversary of the worst attack of America on the homeland.

In an email sent to his supporters in April Trump reminded all; “I made early withdraw possible by already pulling much of our billions of dollars of equipment out and, more importantly, reducing our military presence to less than 2,000 troops from the 16,000 level that was there (likewise in Iraq, and zero troops in Syria except for the area where we KEPT THE OIL).”

However, Trump wasn’t the only one blasting the 78-year old Biden. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also took his turn at ripping into Bidens disastrous handling of Afghanistan.

Pompeo in a TV interview over the weekend blasted Biden saying that the administration “panicked,” stating that “It looks at best naïve and at worst ignorant.”

Adding; “Weakness begets war, and you can see what weak leadership ultimately leads to,” as Taliban fighters continue their lightning offensive to take over the country.

The former secretary of state also reminded viewers that Trump had vowed that the Taliban would not regain power during his administration.

We had a conditions-based plan for how we would get our young men and women back home,” Pompeo said.

Adding; “We were going to get our soldiers back, and we were going to make sure that this kind of thing you are seeing happened today could not happen. A breeding ground for what could potentially be terror attacks coming from this very place.”

Pompeo continued; “We never want that to happen from Afghanistan again, so we had begun to prepare. We started to withdraw from our embassy in Kabul,” he said. “President Trump himself made clear to the Taliban leadership: Touch an American and we are going to come hard and we are going to come fast.”

However the harshest criticism came from New Jersey Democrat turned Republican congressmen Jeff Van Drew who excoriated Biden mercilessly, and also called for his resignation.

Van Drew let loose with a barrage “My God, it is one of the darkest, most embarrassing days we’ve had in our country, and it’s a tremendous embarrassment for the Biden administration,” Van Drew declared. “You know, every day I wake up as a congressman … and you wonder what is going to be next, but with this administration, it is failure, after failure, after failure. Honest to God, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I am. It literally is time for this president to resign. It is time for this vice president to resign. It is time for the Senate president and our speaker to resign.”

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