THE NEW DEPLORABLES: Biden Angrily Vilifies 100 Million Unvaccinated Americans

It was without a doubt another bizarre press conference, as erratic and at times angry Joe Biden, squinted, sputtered, and lied his way through another awful public statement without taking any questions.

However, within this “maze of confusion” Biden did manage to demean over 100 million private citizens who for a myriad of reasons have decided not to take any of the vaccines currently available to them.

The Biden gang used the press conference days before the 20th anniversary of 9/11 as a ruse to trick the public by once again using the pandemic as a pretext to distract the public away from the Afghanistan debacle. This includes the stupid release of un-vetted Afghan evacuees within the homeland to darkly and ironically coincide with 9/11.

Predictably, GOP lawmakers along with state governors fell for the trick. However, rightly appalled by Biden’s unconstitutional attempt to force unvaccinated citizens into compliance or else.

Meandering his way through the news conference on Thursday, Biden announced that he will somehow mandate private employers with more than 100 employees to get vaccinated within 75 days. Either comply or face the consequences, which have yet to be announced,

The mandate, which is expected to affect as many as 100 million Americans in an array of jobs (including health care) directly impacts the private sector.

This is absolutely unconstitutional,” Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky, wrote in a tweet, attaching a link to the news.

Mandates are not the answer,” Rep. Neal Dunn, R-Fla., said in response. “Getting the vaccine should be up to you and your doctor, not the federal government.”

Republican congresswoman Lauren Boebert also responded to Biden’s draconian mandate stating on social media; “All 9 million federal employees should consult with their doctor and make a personal, informed decision about taking the vaccine.”

Adding, “Instead, Sleepy Joe says take it or else… You don’t lead by coercion. Biden has failed as a leader in every way.”

In a statement to Fox News, Congressmen Greg Murphy from North Carolina, one of the few still practicing physicians in Congress, acknowledge that private citizens should not be intimidated into getting vaccinated by the government that decision should be between the individual and his doctor.

As I have repeatedly said, the decision about whether or not to take the COVID-19 vaccine, like every other medical decision, is one that should be made between a patient and a doctor,” Murphy said. “The government does not know what is best for each patient, nor do they have the authority to dictate patient-doctor health care decisions.”

Biden’s tough stand was however greeted by progressives, praising the 78-year old declining politician, for taking, “off the soft gloves.”

NBC reporter Sahil Kapur tweeted, “In sum, Biden is done saying pretty please on vaccines. He’s calling out unvaccinated people and blaming those who stoke vaccine rejection for America’s current predicament, using power to require federal workers and contractors + other employers to vaccinate and/or test.

Another joyful progressive MSNBC’s analyst Matthew Miller snidely remarked, “Enjoying the angry dad vibes from this Biden speech. He is turning the damn car around.”

Perhaps I’m being a tad cynical. However, as stated this vaccine mandate appears to be a continued gift to the Biden gang, to be pulled out anytime that this White House needs to distract the public away from another Biden catastrophe.

Moreover, with the help of the mainstream media (along with propping up COVID) Biden is successfully moving away from his self-inflicted incompetence, mismanagement, and willful malfeasance regarding his withdrawal from Afghanistan. It will go down in the annals of our nation as one of the darkest chapters within America.

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