Biden Transportation Sec’y Buttigieg Has Been on Paid-Leave for Last TWO MONTHS

Pete Buttigieg was a mayor, somewhere in Indiana. He ran for president in 2020, but failed. Then, when Joe Biden “won” the presidential election over Donald Trump last November, Pete was nominated for secretary of transportation – for whatever reason.

If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard this guy’s name over the past few months, it’s because he has been on a vacation of sorts – all while still collecting a paycheck from by the American taxpayer.

Only in 2021 can a gay man go on paternity leave. Paternity. Leave. LOL – where have all the real men gone?

From New York Post:

While Americans worry if they’ll be able to afford — or even find — presents for their children this holiday season, the Biden administration’s point person to clear up the supply chain bottleneck, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, has been home playing with his.

Besides several recent television hits, Buttigieg has been a stay-at-home dad Politico reported — out on paternity leave for nearly two months amid the spiraling crisis to spend time with his husband and two newborn babies. And the Biden cabinet secretary plans to continue to give them home support in the coming weeks, the report said.

The news of Buttigieg’s daddy day care comes as dozens of large ships remained stuck in a traffic jam near the Los Angeles coast for more than a month waiting to dock and unload goods including toasters, sneakers, bicycles and cars. A shortage of truckers has also prevented companies from distributing supplies across the country.


In other news, here’s former Spanish teacher-turned-community college student Ben Chang discussing how he feels about this Buttigieg situation…

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