Bereavement Granted To Women Removing “Clump of Cells” In Portland

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As of October 13th, 2021, the city of Portland, Oregon joined a few others around the nation in granting bereavement to city employees that have suffered the loss of a baby during pregnancy. This compassionate step is meant to help encompass the many types of loss a family or employee can experience. Loss during a pregnancy can be devastating, especially if you are of the mind that the loss is the loss of a baby.

What has several conservatives scratching their heads is the exact wording of the amended administrative rules. They list still birth, miscarriage and other loss as the types of pregnancy trauma one can expect bereavement from. “Other loss” is defined as any other loss of pregnancy including termination, irrespective of whether deemed medically necessary, and loss incurred during fertility treatment.”

The section on eligibility of loss concludes with “If an employee and their spouse or domestic partner work for the same bureau, both employees may take bereavement leave for the death of the same qualifying decedent or pregnancy loss at the same time.”

Many leftists won’t even acknowledge babies within the womb as a viable human. They refer to the unborn child as “fetus”, “clump of cells”, “zygote” or “embryo”. The ACLU makes no qualms about the fact that they do not believe the baby in utero should ever be considered a separate entity to the mother, under any circumstances.

“A pregnant woman and her fetus should never be regarded as separate, independent, and even adversarial, entities.” According to the ACLU. They continue to explain what they believe is wrong is about the idea of “fetal rights”. In one of their opening paragraphs they assert, “In the past two years, a number of states have considered or enacted legislation designed to protect fetuses and punish individuals who injure them or cause their death.”

With all this “controversy” about the ability to kill one’s child with impunity, it’s no wonder that the ACLU and other “pro-choice” advocates have done all they can to dehumanize the unborn. Unfortunately, that’s where the changes to several city’s new amendments to bereavement are causing their own confusion.

It should be asked though, if it can be injured and killed, doesn’t that language in and of itself prove that the fetus is a living, viable being that is worth protecting? If “Zef’s” are no more alive than skin cells and sperm, why take paid leave? What can be emotionally traumatizing about ridding a body of a “clump of cells”?

Afterall, how can you mourn something that you didn’t believe was alive to begin with? If the argument by the “Pro-Choice” movement is that it’s okay to kill the baby because it’s not really a baby, then how is it acceptable to take bereavement and pay, usually provided on the taxpayer’s dime, for medically unnecessary abortions? You can’t grieve something that you didn’t believe was really a baby in the first place. How can these women claim they are traumatized when it financially benefits them in one moment, but then scream to the world that it wasn’t actually a baby in the next?

Few would think any of the cities were wrong to enact bereavement for loss during a pregnancy. As stated above, the loss of a child is devastating and there are no words that will ever make a mourning parent feel better. Taking time off and being paid for it is compassionate and some might argue reasonable.

For those who claim that medically unnecessary abortions ought to be included in that grouping, is downright hypocritical.

I’ll leave you with another’s thoughts on this matter. Lion of Fire lays it all out in 52 seconds.

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