Carlson: Media Derelict Investigating Motive Behind Waukesha Massacre

Perhaps the most profound analysis within the Kyle Rittenhouse case came from the 18-year old defendant himself during his first in-depth interview with Fox’s own, Tucker Carlson.

Rittenhouse lamented how different it would have been if the exact same circumstances had existed on that infamous August night, if he was black. The media would have no doubt treated him differently, and he most likely would not have been prosecuted by an overzealous district attorney attempting to railroad him.

Ironically, according to Fox’s own, Tucker Carlson, the same set-of-circumstances currently exists behind the Waukesha Massacre, and the mainstream media’s reluctance to investigate the motive behind the willful slaughter of innocent individuals marching within a Christmas parade last Sunday.

For the record, Darrell Brooks, the alleged assailant is a career criminal with an arrest record dating back to 1999 and he’s also a self described black militant.

However, you’ll never see that side of Brooks on CNN, MSNBC or anywhere else within the mainstream media.  Which brings us back to young Kyle Rittenhouse, who was vehemently slandered as a gun crazed vigilante and a white supremacist, who went on a shooting spree shooting innocent demonstrators in the back.

Those outright lies condemned Rittenhouse to public scorn, threats, humiliation and abuse, for well over a year until he went to trial and unanimously proved his innocence.

Carlson’s insightful expose explains why the progressive media will not touch Darrell Brooks’ background, in that Brooks’ social media feeds are full of racist and Black Nationalist propaganda.

In one of his rap songs, Brooks justifies hating whites and praises BLM with a raised/clenched fist. He even criticizes the Kyle Rittenhouse jury for acquitting the teenager. The thug also goes after former President Trump.

The media along with local authorities in Waukesha are attempting to whitewash Brooks’ background, avoiding any link to the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. Suggesting any connection to the verdict, just two days after Brooks willfully plowed his SUV into a crowd of innocent individuals, is simply a tragic coincidence.

There is no evidence that this is a terrorist incident,” announced Waukesha’s chief of police. But if indiscriminately murdering women and children at a Christmas parade isn’t terrorism, then what exactly is it?

The mainstream media, perhaps realizing that citizen journalists, along with a few reputable news organizations like Fox News, would independently investigate Brooks’ motive for mowing down innocent individuals, decided to ban together creating an ulterior reason as to why Brooks used his SUV as a killing machine.

They concocted a false narrative that Brooks was fleeing from a knife fight and inadvertently drove through the parade route.

Reporters for MSNBC even went so far as to speculate that the police somehow goaded Brooks by firing at him when he began running over people.

Even MSNBC’s counter-terrorism expert Jim Cavanaugh attempted to add some credence to the bogus report stating; “The report from NBC is that maybe he was in a knife fight or a stabbing. I’ve been to stabbings and I’m telling you they’re very bloody events. The perps or participants often have blood all over them, even if it’s coming from a victim they stabbed. Or they may get cut themselves if it’s a knife fight. They often run with the bloody knife. So, this guy might have been in the car with a bloody knife and blood all over him. He saw the police barricade at the parade route and busted through it. The officer fired and then he was going to do anything he, or they, to get away when he ran over these band members is just an act of really cold-blooded murder.”

It appears that skin pigmentation, rather than actual facts, drives the mainstream media in what news stories to cover and what news stories to avoid.

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