Chamber of Commerce: Biden’s Reconciliation Bill Hides Over $1 Trillion in Additional Spending

There’s an old idiom, to never allow “a fox near the hen-house” and yet that’s exactly what is currently being done to America’s economy. By allowing a corrupt, incompetent, and incontinent 78-year old swindler and his Democratic cronies to hide, cheat and swindle the American taxpayer out of their hard earned money, that would embarrass even a “three-card-monte” conman.

According to the U.S Chamber of Commerce, Biden and his ilk of corrupt Democratic legislators are playing fast and loose with their “Reconciliation” package using “gimmicks to cover up well over $1 trillion in additional spending.”

The Chamber of Commerce is calling on Democratic lawmakers to identify the bill’s actual real-world impact on the country.

At issue are the bill’s sunset provisions that disguise the true cost of the bill. These provisions (similar to playing three-card-monte), essentially expire after a certain amount of time, hiding the true cost of the bill, when and if the bill is extended past its end-date. Thus the amount looks smaller on paper than the actual total cost. It’s a “bait and switch” game politicians have been playing for countless decades, the only difference is a conman like Biden (although corrupt to the core), lacks the actual skills like Obama, to pull it off successfully.

The nonpartisan business group published a letter on Wednesday along with sending it to each lawmaker in D.C., demanding that the legislators actually consider the cost of the impending bill and how it will impact an already struggling economy, along with a historic inflation rate, coupled with future workforce participation.

Moderate Democratic Senator Joe Manchin called the provisions within the Biden bill “shell games”, that could double the cost of the Reconciliation bill, if passed.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) announced Tuesday that there is currently no set timeline for when they will have a score for Bidens Build Back Better Act, the massive progressive “wish-list” Democrats are pushing to pass.

CBO Director Phillip Swagel stated on the agency’s website. “Over the past several months, we have provided technical assistance to committees as they developed their proposals for various parts of the bill.”

Adding; “The analysis of the bill’s many provisions is complicated, and CBO will provide a cost estimate for the entire bill as soon as practicable.”

The Biden gang has tried to bypass the CBO’s scoring process, in which the nonpartisan agency estimates how a piece of legislation would impact the economy based on such factors as spending, revenues and deficits.

However, the agency warned that because of the massive size of social spending within the bill, accurately scoring this monstrosity will take some time.

Meanwhile Biden, with the help of 13 RINO’s passed his infamous Infrastructure Bill last week, with a supposed price tag of $1.2 trillion dollars, making it the most expensive bill thus far.

However, according to the CBO, the bill which will be signed into law on Monday will add about $256 billion dollars to the federal deficit over 10-years, and perhaps as much as $400 billion dollars, because of Biden’s “bait and switch” previsions using COVID-19 unused emergency funds

The bill is also larded with lots of pork-barrel goodies for Biden cohorts, which will make infrastructure projects more costly for the American taxpayer.

The biggest beneficiaries to the bill will be politically powerful unions, making sure that each project is over budget, and much longer to complete.

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