COVID Research: Politics Versus Science

Most critical thinking individuals realize when it comes to COVID research and following the science, that something isn’t right concerning the lopsided information being fed to the general public by bureaucratic government officials (including the CDC).  Large health systems are using the pandemic as a smokescreen, to either garner millions more dollars from the government (if you’re a healthcare facility, or pharmaceutical company) or continue the obvious power grab and overreach (if you’re the Biden administration).

Why else would these two entities ignore the indisputable science that individuals who’ve contracted the virus have natural immunity, that rags covering faces don’t work and that over 98.4% of individuals who’ve contracted the virus recover with little to no issues.

Yet mega healthcare facilities, along with the administration, continue throwing accredited physicians under the bus for having the audacity to actually follow the science.

The latest victim for challenging pandemic orthodoxy is Doctor Mary Bowden, who was trashed by her superiors at Houston Methodist Hospital.

Dr. Bowden spoke out publicly on social media that she opposed the COVID vaccine mandate and that Ivermectin was an alternative treatment in combating the virus. The good doctor was also accused of lying regarding her vaccination status.

The hospital quickly began a smear campaign which in turn caught the attention of the Federation of State Medical Boards, which resulted in Doctor Bowden’s admitting privileges being suspended and then finally terminated. According to the hospital, she shared “dangerous misinformation” on social media.

However, when contacted by Just the News, Houston Methodist Hospital refused to acknowledge the evolving research dating back at least 2-years. It was published in The Lancet (a medical periodical) last month that found natural immunity from COVID recovery provides at least 10 months of strong immunity against reinfection. That’s compared to approximately 6 months with any of the three vaccines currently on the market.

Why then, is it virtually impossible for any government bureaucrat, including Dr. Fauci, to openly acknowledge that natural immunity is far more effective than getting a dose of the man made stuff? No one disputes that the emergency production of the vaccine saved countless lives, especially among the elderly, the most vulnerable group within our society.

Meanwhile Houston Methodist tipped off a local journalist about suspending Doctor Bowden, an ear, nose and throat specialist with her own practice, before notifying her, according to a text message she shared.

Bowden responded on Monday to the hospital’s claim calling their characterization of her as “false and defamatory.”

She acknowledged that COVID vaccines are “an important tool.” Adding that she also wrote to the hospital, stating that “using Ivermectin is backed by significant research and my clinical experience has never been tied to serious or fatal side effects” in COVID-sized doses.

Bowden continued stating that her treatments were so effective that none of the 2,000 COVID patients she had treated, including many with co-morbidities, required hospitalization. She was motivated in helping patients after learning about the hospital ban on operating on “unvaccinated patients at a surgery center and having hospital privileges denied for trying to give Ivermectin to a dying COVID patient.”

Houston Methodist provided a statement attributed to President and CEO Mark Boom, who said he was personally offended by her behavior and misleading comments that the hospital refused treatment to unvaccinated patients.

Adding; “Bowden also used vulgar and foul language while expressing her opinions,” which violates its core values and reflects poorly on hospital and medical profession. She was suspended for refusing to remove these statements from social media and resigned in the middle of her investigation.

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