Delusional Joe Hosts NBA Champs: “I Think I’m Supposed to Introduce Somebody… What Are We Supposed to Do Now?”

Since the beginning of Joe Biden’s entry into the Democratic presidential primaries through today, his mental lapses and loss of awareness have been concerning to many Americans.

In an attempt to prevent President Joe Biden from displaying his loss of mental acuity, Joe’s handlers have limited his events, made sure they are fully scripted and restricted who in the press can ask the president questions.

Even with all their efforts, Joe goes off the rails sometimes anyway.

Now this week, in what should have been a simple press opportunity, Joe hosted the NBA champs at the White House. Instead, Mr. Biden seemed confused the entire event.

“Congratulations Milwaukee Bucks. The best of luck for the rest of this season – hahaha actually this season is just beginning for us here,” Biden said after messing up his opening line. “But all kidding aside, best of luck next year but you all are the best.”

“Now, I think I’m supposed to introduce somebody but I’m not sure who I’m supposed to introduce,” he said admitting he’s confused.

Later on, Joe Biden had to ask his staff what he’s supposed to do.

“Let me ask the staff, what are we supposed to do now?” Biden said looking around confused.

Here are some more examples of Joe losing his train of thought.

In May, Biden delivered remarks from the White House about the ongoing COVID-19 vaccination drive and took a pair of questions — one about the rising gas prices caused by the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack and the other about the ongoing violence in the Middle East.

As he was getting ready to leave, a third question was asked, Biden’s response;  ‘I’m not supposed to be answering all these questions

During a CNN Town Hall event on July 22nd, Joe appeared to lose his train of thought several times.

In one exchange with host CNN host Don Lemon, the 78-year-old president rambled for around 30 seconds when answering a question about vaccinations getting permanently approved by the Federal Drug Administration and the potential of children under the age of 12 getting vaccinated.

The president also touted his new multitrillion-dollar spending bill, which he repeatedly claimed would “reduce inflation.”

Joe’s actions are embarrassing and a constant reminder that something went terribly wrong on election night 2020.

Eric Thompson is a syndicated political writer and Christian podcaster.

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