GRASPING AT STRAWS: Democrats Call For Mistrial After Judge Refers to “Asian Food,” Accuse Him of Racism

As Democrats’ hopes and dreams of wrongfully ruining Kyle Rittenhouse’s life begin to diminish, the Left is beginning to grasp at straws in an effort to change the upcoming result of the trial.

During the trial on Thursday, Judge Bruce Schroeder’s referred to “Asian food” which sent the left into meltdown mode as they accused him of racism, arguing that this was enough evidence for a mistrial.

As Judge Schroeder dismissed the court for lunch, he appeared to mock the supply chain crisis while commenting on Asian food.

“Let’s hope for one o’clock, I don’t know, the uh, hope the Asian food isn’t coming — it isn’t on one of those boats in Long Beach Harbor,” he said.

The comments sent left-wing radicals into meltdown mode as they tried accusing the judge of racism. Check out some of the reactions below as highlighted by Breitbart:

The outrage came swift, nearly 24 hours after the internet lost its collective mind over the judge’s ringtone, which may or may not have been Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA” or “Southern Cross” by ultra-left-wing Crosby, Stills, and Nash.

“Judge in Kyle Rittenhouse trial makes inappropriate Asian food joke,” headlined CNN.

John Yang, president and executive director of Asian Americans Advancing Justice-AAJC, told the far-left outlet that the judge’s joke will put the Asian community “in the crosshairs of micro aggressions as well as actual physical violence,” stressing that the comments indicate the judge’s lack of “cultural sensitivity.”

“Any Asian American that sees or hears his statement will understand that he is making fun of or mocking our community,” Yang said. “This is a great illustration of how Asian Americans are not immune from racial bias and discrimination in our criminal justice system.”

“All I can say is, Ugh. Old racist stereotypes die hard,” added Columbia University professor Mae Ngai.

The echo chamber of the Twitterverse did little to quell the torrent of hot takes decrying the judge as an apologetic racist.

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