Report: J&J Vaccine 3.7 Times Greater in Developing Blood Clots

Despite the CDC’s assurances that all three COVID-19 vaccines are relatively safe, along with the tentative approval by the FDA, studies and reports have determined, after collecting numerous data, that all three vaccines pose some substantial risks along with dangerous side effects.

A new study just concluded found that the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine increases the risk of blood clots.

That is according to the new data conducted by researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, looking at cases with a specific type of blood clot called “cerebral venous sinus thrombosis” (CVST), within Olmsted County, Minnesota.

Researchers studied cases of CVST from 2001 to 2015 in Olmsted County, which has a population of roughly 160,000 people.

Within that 14-year timeline, researchers found 39 patients had developed acute incident CVST. After adjusting for variables within population growth, researchers evaluated to about 2.34 cases per 100,000 person-years.

Out of the 39 patients, 29 had a preexisting risk factor (such as cancer or infections) within 92-days before developing the blood clot.

Researchers then studied CVST cases of individuals around the country receiving the J&J vaccine in late February to May 7th, 2021, which averaged about 8.7 million doses.

Within that same time period, in Olmsted County, researchers found 46 CVST cases were reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System after receiving the vaccine within 92 days. Eight of those were disregarded for various reasons, bringing the total to 38 “objectively diagnosed cases” of CVST.

After 15 days of receiving the J&J vaccination, the researchers found 8.65 cases per 100,000 person-years. That rate is 3.7 times higher than the rate researchers found during their 14-year analysis of the general population.

Researchers also found that female patients in particular have a higher rate with 13.01 cases per 100,000 person-years. The study also found that the CVST case rate was 5.1 times higher after vaccination among females compared to the pre-pandemic rate.

Overall, the researchers said their study found the CVST incidence rate within 15 days of receiving the J&J vaccine was “significantly higher than the pre-pandemic rate.”

The higher rate of this rare adverse effect must be considered in the context of the effectiveness of the vaccine in preventing COVID-19,” the researchers said in the discussion portion of the study.

Meanwhile, another vaccine has also come under scrutiny by the FDA, which has just announced it will not approve the Moderna coronavirus vaccine for youngsters between the ages of 12 to 17, citing potential heart risks that may occur within this age group

Moderna said it was told that the FDA’s review might not be finished this year.

The Company is fully committed to working closely with the FDA to support their review and is grateful to the FDA for their diligence,” it said in its statement.

An increased risk of myocarditis has been described for COVID-19 vaccines, including the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, particularly in young men and following the second dose,” the company said.

When the FDA approved the vaccines under an “Emergency Use Authorization” (EUA), it was with the knowledge that clinical trials, that would normally run for several years before a drug is approved for use in the marketplace, would be virtually eliminated. It is because of the likelihood that elderly individuals along with those with underlying health issues were at a greater risk of dying from COVID-19, then the potential risk from a vaccine that had not been 100% approved by the FDA.

We’re now experiencing the end results of those “clinical trials” in real time with Americans becoming human guinea pigs.

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