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Just today, on November 19th, 2021 Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty on all five charges that state brought against him. His reaction was immediate and silent as he held back tears. At one point, his knees appear to buckle beneath him as what can only be described as a tremendous weight has been lifted off the 18 year old’s shoulders.

Count 1: First Degree Reckless Homicide – Not Guilty

Count 2: First Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety – Not Guilty

Count 3: First Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety – Not Guilty

Count 4: First Degree Intentional Homicide – Not Guilty

Count 5: Attempted First Degree Intentional Homicide – Not Guilt

Below is a video of the reading of the five charges and Kyle’s reaction.

People all over the country are celebrating or mourning the young man’s declared innocence. Matt Walsh, blogger and writer for the Daily Wire has been vocal about his belief that there never should have been a trial to begin with. He voiced his concern that Kenosha will burn over the weekend.

Former left winger, Tim Pool was holding his breath…

Former Press Secretary to President Trump simply cried out what will be an often quoted tweet of the day.

Many voices are calling for Kyle Rittenhouse to begin defamation suits.

Others have taken to reminding the internet of all the foul and cruel things the media and their followers have said about Rittenhouse.

A few are reminded of Nick Sandmann’s most recent op-ed in the Daily Mail where Sandmann expressed his support for Rittenhouse and told him that he also believes he should take a chance on suing those that have called him a terrorist, white supremacist, murderer, and other vile things long before the trial even began.

Not everyone is pleased however. We knew that there would be hundreds, if not thousands of people who fell for the lies and misinformation spread so early on in the reports handed down to them by the mainstream/legacy media.

Of course Black Lives Matter’s official twitter handle jumped into help stoke the flames of racism for a white man who shot and killed two other white men and wounded, you guessed it, another white man.

I was going to add several more negative tweets, but I’d rather not give any more attention to those who calling what happened a racist, unjust act of murder. Rittenhouse has been through enough. Below is a recap of the night in question.

On August 25th, 2020, during a night of rioting that was in no way peaceful, the jury has agreed with the defense that Joseph Rosenbaum, convicted pedophile, began a deadly confrontation that would end in not only his death, but the death and injury of two others. Rosenbaum stalked and zeroed in on Kyle Rittenhouse from the first moment he laid eyes on the then 17 year old.

Rosenbaum lunged not once, but twice for Rittenhouse’s weapon during the conflict even after Rittenhouse kept shouting “friendly, friendly, friendly”. During the second scuffle, Rittenhouse was given no choice but to shoot the man who had been threatening to kill him that evening. Then, as he went back to try and give aid to the man he’d shot, a violent mob chased after him. Tripping, the crowd descended on him. One man kicking Rittenhouse in the face, another (Anthony Huber) striking Rittenhouse with a skateboard twice. Once again, Rittenhouse opened fire to defend his life. Huber died as Gaige Grosskreutz dropped his gun and aimed it at the shocked teenager, who immediately fired back, wounding Grosskreutz.

Terrified, Kyle immediately turned himself into the police.

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