SAY WHAT? Philly Mayor Calls for Gun Control to Put End to Year’s Historic Homicide Rate

Liberals will always find a way to defend criminals. It’s what they do. They prefer to side with the bad guys, simply because they feel all cops are out to get minorities or all whites are bad or America is and always will be racist, yada yada.

But how do you continue pushing for gun control when innocent folks are, by and large, the ones being slaughtered by career criminals with guns?

It is pure insanity.

From The Daily Wire:

The Democratic mayor of Philadelphia blamed Republicans in the Pennsylvania State Legislature for the epidemic of violence as the city has accumulated a near-record number of homicides in 2021.

During a press conference discussing the most recent incident Wednesday, Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney lamented the city’s skyrocketing homicide rate. “I’m personally heartbroken and outraged that we lost 500 Philadelphians, including many of our children and teenagers to needless violence this year,” Kenney said. “I never stop thinking about the victims and their families and the incredible loss these senseless deaths leave behind.”


The volume of guns that are in circulation in our communities is at a record-high,” he said. “[Crime guns] join a sea of illegal and legal guns that are accessible in the heat of the moment, turning what could have stayed an argument into a homicide.”

He then went after the Republican-controlled Pennsylvania State Legislature over perceived inaction. “The Pennsylvania General Assembly must allow us to enact reasonable controls on guns in our city. Until this happens, we will continue to work tirelessly in response to the crisis,” he said.


More from Philadelphia Inquirer:

The grim milestone of 501 homicides will likely be reached in the coming days and amid the Thanksgiving holiday, just after a violent weekend during which six people were killed. The toll included a woman who was seven months pregnant and fatally shot in the head and stomach Saturday as she unpacked presents from her baby shower.

City officials, law enforcement, and criminologists say a variety of factors contributed to rising rates of gun violence across Philadelphia and large swaths of the country starting in the spring of last year. Many blame existing structural inequities like poverty and underemployment being exacerbated by the pandemic, plus the closure of schools and in-person support services for teenagers.

Others point out that court systems were scrambled by social-distancing mandates. The Police Department is hundreds of officers short of its targeted size because of resignations, early retirements, and recruitment challenges. And relations between police and community members — which have long been strained — were tested anew following the racial justice movement that drove a nationwide reckoning over the role of law enforcement.

Keep electing liberals to office and these are the kind of results you will continue to see.

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