Secret Operation to Assimilate, House and Move Illegal Migrants across US

Migrants heading towards the United States are reportedly provided with packets from “nonprofit organizations” instructing them in how to continue breaking immigration law by circumventing TSA guidelines and how to enroll their kids in American schools without being detected.

The secretive clandestine operation, according to Texas Congressmen Lance Gooden, instructs and encourages illegal migrants in how to navigate through the issues of assimilation along with illegally bypassing national security guidelines concerning the thorny issues of vetting and documentation.

During an appearance on Monday on Fox & Friends, Gooden revealed that he was contacted by a whistleblower from San Diego. The whistleblower provided the Republican lawmaker with information detailing a secret operation by unnamed nonprofit organization(s).  It detailed a covert national scheme to move thousands of illegal aliens into abandoned hotels, usually under the cover of darkness, all across the United States.

With information in hand, the GOP representative subsequently hopped on a plane and discovered that abandoned hotels in the California city were being utilized as shelters for the migrants. Some of the locations he mentioned included SeaWorld, The Four Points by Sheraton and a Ramada Inn.

The Texas legislator went on to explain how he was refused entry at one of the mentioned migrant facilities, “I managed to get in the gates, I demanded entry once and was refused. I talked a guard into letting me in on another occasion and when I was in there I saw buses pulling up, probably about 100 migrants over an hour got off of these buses,” said Gooden.

Gooden, explained that upon arrival the migrants were “welcomed by people with open arms” before being processed, tested for COVID and then given packets from the yet unnamed nonprofit group(s).

He explained to the Fox News hosts that the packet he received from the whistleblower several weeks ago is exactly what the illegal migrants were given at the detention facilities.

This packet is what I received from the whistleblower a few weeks ago,” said Gooden. “And these packets detail how to go to the airport, how to get past TSA without any identification, how to enroll your children in schools and assimilate in whatever community you desire to go in.”

Gooden, also revealed that this “catch-22” debacle, although secretive to the American people, along with GOP lawmakers, isn’t a secret to the TSA, or the White House.  The agents are aware that illegal migrants are being thoroughly coached by nonprofit organization(s) in how to circumvent the process showing up at TSA facilities with “very convincing letters”, and in some cases are let on the airplane before anyone else. An armed security officer reportedly told Gooden that migrants are often already on the plane when he boards early to tell the pilot of his presence.

The packets are extremely precise.  They include flight information, copies of the Notice to Appear from Customs and Border Protection (CBP), a list of pro bono legal service providers, maps of major cities in the U.S. and information and legal assistance in Spanish.

This is without a doubt, a coordinated effort by the Biden gang to transform America into a third world country, by flooding the nation with thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens.

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