THERE IT IS: Report Claims Biden Admin Hinting At Scaling Back Religious Liberties

Not only did Joe Biden not really win the 2020 presidential election, but he hasn’t even been calling the shots since he was sworn in as commander-in-chief on January 20, 2021.

Somebody is in charge but it’s certainly not the former VP. That much should be clear even to most Democrats, at this point.

The man simply isn’t “all there.”

From The Daily Wire:

A reported memo from the Director of the Office for Civil Rights within the Biden Administration’s Health and Human Services Department hints of the Biden administration’s apparent desire to roll back religious liberties.

In a draft memo to Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, Xavier Becerra, from Lisa Pino, the Director of the Office for Civil Rights (OCR), writes of the Trump administration’s delegation in 2017 for the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) to prevent violations of religious liberty:

Prior to the delegation in 2017, no division was singularly responsible for the Department’s compliance with RFRA (Religious Freedom Restoration Act) or the First Amendment. … That model recognized that all components of HHS had a responsibility for compliance and that OGC [Office of General Counsel] was a central partner in providing key legal advice on RFRA and defending the Department when RFRA claims were raised. Rescinding the delegation to OCR does not lessen the commitment of the Department to compliance, but ensures that it is not misused by any one agency to enact a broad, proactive agenda.


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