What About China? CCP’s Coal Output Hits Multi-Year High, Built More Plants Than Other Nations Combined

The re-aligning of the world’s economic power structure is being promoted as a cooperation of the nations towards reaching the globalists 2030 objectives.

The reality is China, Russia and India are not playing fairly with the rest of the “children” while the Biden administration struggles to maintain its symbolic leadership position in The Paris Agreement.

China by far is the worst polluting nation on Earth but as with their culpability of developing COVID-19, participating in stealing intellectual property, and imprisoning the Uyghur population, the CPP is not experiencing any repercussions for their actions.

In response to the huge number of power shortages and rolling blackouts affecting China’s industrial centers in the fall of 2021, the Chinese government ordered an “all-out” campaign to “produce as much coal as possible” from both domestic mines and foreign suppliers.

To accomplish this,  China built three times as many coal plants as all other nations combined in 2020.

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The Chinese state-run Global Times boasted on Monday – day seven of the COP26 climate conference in Scotland – that coal output has reached “the highest level in recent years,” so China’s vast array of carbon-spewing coal-fired power plants can “ensure energy supply security and residential heating during the winter.”

According to the Global Times, the plan is working

From November 1-5, the average daily dispatch of coal reached 11.66 million tons, an increase of more than 1.2 million tons from the end of September, as coal mines have been gradually put into operation, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) said on Monday.

The thermal coal supply has also continued to increase, and the rebound of coal inventories at power plants has been accelerated. Since early November, the average daily supply of coal at power plants has hit 7.74 million tons and coal inventories have reached 1.6 million tons, according to the NDRC.

On November 6, the stock of coal reserves across the country’s power plants exceeded 117 million tons, an increase of about 40 million tons compared with the end of September.

China imported 26.943 million tons of coal in October, an impressive 96 percent increase over the previous year. Combined with the surge of domestic output, the supply of coal grew large enough to bring prices down, according to the NDRC.

“Analysts said that officials’ ability to quickly stabilize coal supplies as well as prices underscored the country’s capabilities in dealing with emergencies and its determination to put livelihood at front and center,” the Global Times applauded.

When adding in India, Asia accounted for 52% of global carbon dioxide emissions last year, according to the latest edition of BP’s Statistical Review of World Energy, a widely cited report.

China alone contributed 59% of the region’s emissions, while India made up 13.7%, the report showed.

Eric Thompson is a syndicated political writer and Christian podcaster.

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