What Climate Change? Schumer Calls on Biden to Release Oil Reserves – Then Bankrupt Oil Companies

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Only in Washington D.C can you insist the world will end in 12 years unless radical cuts in oil and gas usage are implemented immediately, but then turn around and push to have a massive amount of oil released into the U.S. economy for usage before the end of the year.

The cause for the left’s hypocrisy this time, politics 101. Their decision to call for the release of oil from the national reserves follows a massive drop in Biden’s polling numbers.

On Sunday Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) called on President Biden to make use of emergency petroleum reserves in an effort to lower gas prices ahead of the holiday season.

The same Chuck Schumer who recently insisted; Climate Change Will Be Worse Than Covid If We Don’t Act Now

Americans, from all economic and racial classes, are blaming democrats for the skyrocketing energy costs. As of last week, the national average cost for a gallon of gasoline was $3.41, up more than $1 from the same time last year.

With the Biden administration’s decisions to stop the XL Keystone pipeline, stop the flow of existing pipelines, and prevent drilling on federal lands, this requested release will only be a band-aid.

Energy analysts have determined that the use of the reserves would provide only a short-term solution. This would not increase the country’s production capabilities and would remove the safety net put in place in case of a national emergency.

“We’re here today because we need immediate relief at the gas pump and the place to look is the Strategic Petroleum Reserve,” Schumer said during a press conference in New York on Sunday, according to Reuters.

“No industry is spared. But fuel gasoline is the worst of all,” Schumer said of the ongoing supply chain disruptions. “Let’s get the price of gas down right now. And this will do it.”

While Biden has not committed to tapping the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which is located in caverns on the coasts of Texas and Louisiana, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm has said she’s considering it.

“That’s one of the tools that he has, and he’s certainly looking at that,” Granholm said last weekend  on CNN.

Granholm also said that she was hopeful gas prices would not reach an average of $4 per gallon soon, noting that the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries was “controlling the agenda.”

Granholm and White House Press Secretary Jenn Psaki are putting out opposing messages.

To the far left like Psaki, we should just accept the higher energy costs, as our Civic duty to fight climate change. And in line with the Great Reset, by 2030 individuals should not own vehicles anyway, and will be happy about it.

By: Eric Thompson, host of the Eric Thompson Show. Follow me on MAGABOOKTwellit & Twitter.

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