When In Doubt, Dumb Down The System! Faced with Soaring Ds and Fs, Schools Switching To ‘Equitable Grading’.

With the advent of the Internet and the subsequent explosion of information, AI and robotics have been utilized and are targeted to take more routine jobs from humans moving forward.

Instead of demanding students in our public education systems to work harder, getting prepared to be employable for evolving and new technologically based jobs, the social justice warriors are demanding huge public sector unions require their teachers to start grading subjectively, dumbing down the system.

In August 2020, L.A. Unified School District directed its middle- and high-school teachers to change the way they had evaluated students since the start of their careers.

In response to the tidal wave of failing grades in those first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic, the teachers were told to base their final marks on how much students had learned by the end of the term — the quality of work, not quantity.

The teachers were also required to provide students with several extra weeks to make up missed assignments. And poor grades could be raised by retaking tests or rewriting papers.

By amending the rules and not grading all the student’s work objectively, nearly 15,000 grades improved as a result. The students’ grades were upgraded but without guaranteeing their actual subject comprehension justifying the newly given grades.

Several school districts across California, because of the wave of illegal and legal immigration, are taking steps toward revising grading with an eye toward equity. Some have formally adopted new policies while others are offering training and support for teachers who want to grade differently.

For example, West Contra Costa Unified, which is majority Latino, issued a memo encouraging secondary teachers to give students a five-day grace period to turn in work and eliminate zeroes in grade books.

Placer Union High School District, where a majority of students are white, has directed teachers to base grades on “valid evidence of a student’s content knowledge and not…on evidence that is likely to be influenced by a teacher’s implicit bias nor reflect a student’s circumstances.”

So what should we expect from the next generation of graduates from these progressive schools?

They will not have provided full competency of the curriculum, so only time will be able to tell if they will fit into the workforce as other workers and will they need huge concessions from their employers.

This is not the way to set up young Americans for success in 2021.

Eric Thompson is a syndicated political writer and Christian podcaster.

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