Christmas Classic “Jingle Bells” Has Been CANCELLED, School Cites Blackface As Cause

By the time lefties wake up, it might just be too late. They are so intent on destroying America that nothing else matters.

To Democrats, tradition means nothing. The Constitution, Bill of Rights, 10 Commandments, nothing, nothing, nothing.

And if proud Americans continue to remain silent, more and more rights and freedoms and traditions will be stripped on a daily basis. That’s just the truth.

It’s time for a reckoning. Liberals are literally destroying the United States with pride.

From Washington Examiner:

An elementary school in New York is banning the popular holiday classic “Jingle Bells” due to a discovery that the song was possibly first sung in a minstrel show with performers wearing blackface.


School principal Matt Tappon confirmed that “Jingle Bells” and several other songs have been replaced with different songs that don’t have the “potential to be controversial or offensive,” according to the Rochester Beacon.

The school reached the decision using research from 2017 by Boston University professor Kyna Hamill, who discovered that the song’s first public performance may have been in a minstrel show involving blackface performers 150 years ago.

How can everything be racist to these radical blowhards? If everything is racist, doesn’t that mean that nothing is racist?

The left really truly needs to be more selective when picking their battles.

Then again, when the mainstream media is on your side you can do anything!

From New York Post:

President Biden removed mentions of Dr. Seuss from Read Across America Day amid accusations of “racial undertones” in the classic, whimsical tales for children.

Read Across America Day, started by the National Educational Association in 1998 as a way to promote children’s reading, is even celebrated on the author’s March 2 birthday.


In his presidential proclamation, Biden noted that “for many Americans, the path to literacy begins with story time in their school classroom,” USA Today reported.

With the way things are going, all of history will soon be erased by leftists. And yet, isn’t it funny how when prominent liberals get busted for doing something clearly racist…nothing happens!?

People are chastised, suspended, even fired from their jobs these days for something egregious that may have happened long ago in the past.

It’s not right. In fact, it’s wrong.

From Fox News:

EXCLUSIVE: Jimmy Kimmel, who urged actor Tom Arnold to release an alleged “N-word” tape of President Trump in 2018, admitted years ago that he imitated rapper Snoop Dogg’s voice for a track in a 1996 Christmas album — an original song in which Kimmel used the “N-word” several times.

The admission came in a January 2013 podcast obtained this weekend by Fox News. In the podcast, Kimmel also changed his speech pattern in an attempt to adopt the voice of black comedian George Wallace, in what host Adam Carolla called Kimmel’s “crazy black voice.” Kimmel acknowledged imitating black people on other occasions as well.


The only reaction necessary…

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