Fauci Makes It Clear: We MUST Consider Vaccine Mandate for Domestic Travel


Remember when Joe Biden was running for president and said Donald Trump was racist for banning certain people from high-rate COVID countries from coming into America?

Now that he’s president, Biden doesn’t feel the same way (since he’s continued to use many of Trump’s policies). Shocker, right?

This is exactly why liberals cannot be trusted. They always say one thing and then do another.

Oh, and what is it with those never-ending moving goalposts? Shouldn’t they be firmly planted in the ground by now?

The problem is that lefties keep giving guys like Biden and Fauci pass after pass, no matter how many times they manage to screw things up.

From Bloomberg via MSN:

President Joe Biden’s medical adviser said a domestic travel vaccination rule should be considered as the omicron variant fuels record Covid-19 case loads in some states and holiday travel continues to be disrupted around the U.S.

Anthony Fauci said on MSNBC on Monday that it would be “reasonable to consider” a requirement to be vaccinated for coronavirus before getting on a domestic flight. Later, in an interview on CNN, he said people should consider avoiding larger New Year’s Eve parties.

Fauci blabbered, “When you make vaccination a requirement, that’s another incentive to get more people vaccinated. If you want to do that with domestic flights, I think that’s something that seriously should be considered.”

This is blatant socialist/fascist/communist language, coming from America’s highest-paid government employee.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz, as usual, is spot-on with his assessment…

Fauci is so far left that he can no longer see straight. And that is the problem with the country today.

Too many lefties think they know what is best, when in reality their views represent pure evil.

From Right Scoop:

There was a concept, once upon a time, that some dudes talked about, where government’s job was to SECURE your rights, not SUSPEND them. And that securing of rights was considered the public good.

But now we have a modern “greater good” that’s subjective, a phrase designed to permit any old Democrat who happens to have the opportunity to simply issue decrees, having no consent of those governed by the decrees, which can be enforced by the weight of law and force.



Stories like this one are likely to continue to take place if the politically uninformed in this nation keep putting Democrats in office.

Sad but true.

From 100 Percent Fed Up:

A stunning home security camera shows a team of four people who identify as employees of the Houston Health Department in Texas going door-to-door at an apartment complex to ask residents if they or any members of their family have received a COVID jab?


When one resident answers the door via intercom, the Houston Health Department worker can be heard saying, “I’m a [inaudible] with the Health Department—How you doing today?” The resident asks, “With the what?” He responds, “Houston department.” The worker explains, “We’re just going around the community to inform that you can get the vaccine for the coronavirus,” Have you been vaccinated?” he asks. “Yes sir, we are,” the resident responds. “May I ask, which one did you get?” he asks. “Um, the Pfizer.” the resident responds. “Um…how many people in your house got vaccinated?” he asks. The resident answers, “Just me and my wife—that’s all that lives here.” The health care worker asks, “Do you want me to leave the information at your door?” The resident tells him to just leave the information behind.



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