No Clear Answers From Dr. Oz on Abortion and When Life Begins

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When it comes to the great divide in our country, nothing stirs up voters on either side of the aisle like the topic of abortion. It doesn’t matter if you are for it, against it, or somewhere in the middle. It’s a subject that should rile us up, too. This isn’t something menial or unimportant. For most Americans, abortion is as crucial, if not more so than almost any other topic facing us.

Why is it so important? I’m not sure why for the Democrats, to be perfectly honest. I can’t find a single good reason they have for wanting to murder a defenseless, innocent, and precious baby. Even taking religion out of it like expert debater Ben Shapiro does, I have yet to hear a decent argument for abortion.

So, when celebrities decide to run for office as a Republican, things can get a little tense as we start to screen potential candidates. No one wants a sleeper in their party. Just look at poor Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. Those two are Democrats, they’re just moderate Democrats, and yet the entire Democratic party and their more extreme constituencies are ready to lynch their asses because they won’t fall in line to perfect groupthink and spend our nation into squalor.

Should Republicans be as extreme in allowing people into the party? Yes and no. As conservatives we appreciate your right to be as stupid and immoral as you choose to be so long as it doesn’t bring about any damage or harm to others. Hence why even the secular conservatives are pro-life and welcomed with open arms into the Grand Ole Party.

But when people show up wanting to be invited into the party by way of becoming an elected official, we need people to ask the hard questions. Our party can’t be like the greeters at church, welcoming everyone and handing out the keys to kingdom, so to speak. Church is welcome to all, but elected officials need to be voted in because they’re in line with conservative values.

Take Dr. Mehmet Oz, a celebrity surgeon and doctor who has spent most of his career hobnobbing with lefties in Hollywood. His fame came because he was always a guest on Oprah’s show. Because of his own successful show Dr. Oz, the doctor wasn’t even known by people to be a conservative, let alone a Republican.

Rather than just take his word for it, or the fact he was appointed to the Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition twice by President Trump, Will Cain got to the nitty gritty with hopeful Pennsylvania senator. Rather than just take the man’s word for it, Cain really kept pushing at Dr. Oz about abortion in particular.

At first, Cain mentioned straight up that he didn’t even know that Dr. Oz was Republican and if he was principled conservative. Dr. Oz stated he was under no uncertain terms a Republican. When asked about red flag laws and whether or not Oz supported them, the doctor immediately replied that he didn’t because they could be “misused”, though he does agree that there are concerning mental health issues.

So far, so good.

But Cain asked about abortion and Oz stated that he was pro-life with three exceptions: health of the mother, rape, and incest. Cain accepted that and then narrowed down the question. “When does life begin?” Oz beat around the bush for a bit, but then when pressed a couple more times, Oz finally answered “life has already started when you’re in your mother’s womb.

Is he a progressive in disguise? Probably not. Should journalists and news anchors keep pressing him just to be sure? Absolutely. Great work, Will Cain! Hopefully Dr. Oz is exactly what he claims to be. If so, we wish him luck.

This story syndicated with permission from My Patriot Post

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