REPORT: Nobody Will Be Punished for Drone Attack That Murdered 7 Afghan Kids

You can’t expect anybody to be held responsible for an errant drone strike that killed multiple children when nobody in this current administration thinks they did anything wrong.

Sure, some of the higher-ups might publicly say they “regret” what happened. But so what! Because of errors, people lost their lives.

And not just people, but children.

From The Daily Wire:

The Pentagon does not plan on punishing any officials for a drone strike that killed ten Afghan civilians in August.

The final drone strike before the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan erroneously killed multiple civilians — including seven children. As The New York Times reported, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin left two officials in charge of any sanctions stemming from the incident; neither, however, recommended any such actions:

Mr. Austin left the final word on any administrative action, such as reprimands or demotions, to two senior commanders: Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr., the head of the military’s Central Command, and Gen. Richard D. Clarke, the head of the Special Operations Command. Both officers found no grounds for penalizing any of the military personnel involved in the strike, said John F. Kirby, the Pentagon’s chief spokesman.

John Kirby, a spokesman for the Department of Defense, said, “What we saw here was a breakdown in process and execution in procedural events, not the result of negligence, not the result of misconduct, not the result of poor leadership. So I do not anticipate there being issues of personal accountability to be had with respect to the August 29 airstrike.”


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