Deceptive “Secretive” Queer Club Invites 4th-5th Graders During Class W/O Consent, Parents Outraged

As someone who went through the public school system in the 1970-80s, today’s overt attempt to indoctrinate the youth by the LGBTQ and/or social justice teachers is infuriating.

Now as a grandfather I am concerned about what secretive plans my grandson’s teachers might be planning in his school.

Parents of fourth and fifth graders in a Beaverton, Oregon, elementary school are outraged about the creation of a Queer Student Alliance (QSA) club they say their children were asked to join without their consent.

At a January 18 virtual school board meeting, parents of children aged 9-11 years who attend Raleigh Hills Elementary School expressed concern about the appropriateness of the club, reported Reduxx the following day.

Parents of students at Raleigh Hills Elementary School in Beaverton, Oregon are expressing frustration over the establishment of a new “gender and sexualities” club for fourth and fifth graders aged 9 to 11 years old.

Parent raised their concerns during a January 18 virtual school board meeting challenging the necessity and appropriateness of the club, which was started at the beginning of January. Multiple parents noted that they had not been informed about the club’s existence, nor were they invited to provide input.

“These kids are far too young to be learning about this subject at school,” one parent said during the meeting, asserting that parents should be responsible for educating their children on “different lifestyles.”

Parent Bambi addressed the school board (video begins at 56:18) regarding her experience with the school principal’s alleged dismissal of her concerns:

So, I’m a parent of a fourth grader who had some fifth grade students come into her classroom and do a presentation on an LGBTQ club. My daughter was asked to sign up and she did because everybody was doing it and she thought that that’s what she should do.

I then became aware of email conversations back and forth between the principal and other school officials dating back to November of last year. The emails showed this club being planned out and how to go around needing parents’ permission.

These meetings are taking place during the school day and, per the emails, that was one of the ways to be able to get around parents needing to approve it. The emails instruct transparency, but only if a parent asks. Nothing came home with my daughter or was sent to me from the school explaining such a presentation was going to take place in the classroom. I was not given the opportunity to opt her out.

Last year my daughter struggled a lot online and I asked the principal for help. After asking the teacher multiple times and was just being told to do the best we can. The principal said there really isn’t anything that she could do for me and she emailed me a list of tutors that I could pay for.

I’m very disappointed that the request for my educational support was dismissed, yet I was left in the dark about her being exposed to a very inappropriate for her age presentation which feels more like her being groomed and recruited by older students.

And I didn’t send my daughter to school today and I didn’t plan to until I had a conversation with the principal, and I did that today and, again, I was dismissed, and she downplayed the severity of the incident.

The fact that sexuality, gender, and/or social issues are getting taught in public-funded schools, from a radical left’s developed curriculum, must stop but I don’t expect it to happen unless parents nationwide take over all the schools boards, blocking teachers at the local level.

Written By: Eric Thompson, host of the Eric Thompson Show.

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