FBI Raids COVID-19 Testing Center In Chicago

FBI agents have just executed a raid at a COVID-19 testing center located in Chicago, Illinois. After obtaining a search warrant, federal agents raided a pop-up testing center called the Center for COVID Control after a long investigation was conducted by multiple attorney generals and the Federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

The Center of Covid Control has received over $124 million in federal aid for reimbursements for Covid-19 testing. Investigators have discovered that the Center of Covid Control has the same registration address as Doctors Clinical Library which has conducted hundreds of thousands of PCR tests around the United States, however, a spokesperson for the Center For Covid Control said they are two separate entities.

A spokesperson for Illinois Attorney General told NBC News:

“We are working with the FBI and other law enforcement partners and will not comment on ongoing investigations as we work to hold accountable individuals who engage in unlawful conduct.”

The CEO of the Center of Covid Control Aleya Siyaj and her husband Ali Syed have posted on their social media accounts numerous pictures of their luxurious lifestyles. The couple has posted pictures of their Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and their $1.3 million mansions which has received backlash.

Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul in a press release stated:

“I opened an investigation into the Center for COVID Control in response to our residents contacting my office to report a number of concerning issues at the Center for COVID Control’s pop-up COVID-19 testing locations throughout Illinois. Complaints have ranged from testing results being delayed or not received at all, to results being provided to individuals who were never administered a test, to tests being stored improperly, and staff incorrectly using PPE and face masks.”

As of right now, the company has suspended all plans to open up new pop-up shops in the state of Illinois into the investigation subsides.

Illinois isn’t the only state cracking down on the Center for Covid Control, but the state of Missouri is also cracking down on the company too. The Center for Covid Control has faced many complaints from residents in  St Louis, Missouri. Some of the complaints have stated that the testing center has COVID-19 tests littered all over the ground outside of the makeshift tents that served as a pop-up testing center.

A couple in Florida claimed they visited a testing center but while they were in line they received an email from the testing center that stated they tested negative for Covid-19 despite never being tested.

In Oregon, there were dozens of complaints of people who never received their results after being tested.

The sad part of the pandemic is that pharmaceutical companies and testing centers have profited billions off of COVID-19. Pharmaceutical company Pfizer has made close to $1,000 every second and has made a total of $26 billion so far doing the pandemic. It’s not hard to think how these companies have profited so well, because when you create a product that doesn’t work the first, second, or even third times then people and governments have to keep buying it.

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