Howard Stern Would Force Vaccines on the Unvaccinated


Shock jock Howard Stern, often voted the world’s sexiest man NO, WAIT the 67-year-old man with a 20-year-old’s hairdo NO, WAIT the guy who says goofy things is at it again!

If you’ve ever listened to Howard’s radio show, you know that he’s extremely liberal on nearly every issue (despite what he may say in an attempt to keep his conservative audience).

After all, Stern voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. He’s not exactly an alpha male. This is a guy who still purposefully hides inside his home, scared to death, because he’s too afraid to go outside over what he hears from lying MSM anchors.

For some reason, Howard, the same person who has spent his entire adult career basically as a pornographer, now thinks he can turn America around in a matter of seconds, really.

And his problem is all due to the unvaccinated imbeciles of America (aka: YOU). And if he were president, you would be forced to get the shot!

From The Daily Wire:

Radio shock jock Howard Stern has been sharing his blunt opinions on COVID-19 and how to handle it all along. Now the 67-year-old radio host is offering his services to “solve” the pandemic while blaming “f***ing morons” who remain unvaccinated for prolonging the “mess.”

Stern said, “Believe me, this here is turning into a third-world country because of the f***ing morons we have living here. It’s a sad commentary on my country. This is my country. I’ve got too many morons living here. We could be past a lot of this COVID business.”

He added, “I could clean it up in two seconds. Just the way Biden got us out of Afghanistan — that quick I’m going to clean things up. Boom. Right away.”

In the past, the Sirius host has slammed pro athletes Kyrie Irving and Aaron Rodgers for choosing not to get vaccinated. He’s also said “F*** them. F*** their freedom” about anyone not getting vaccinated and expressed his support for vaccine mandates.

On one hand, it must be incredibly simple to be a liberal because the mainstream media will always be on your side – no matter the situation, no matter the logic.

On the other hand, you pretty much have to sell your soul to the devil by voting for a Democrat, while also being committed to lying on an hourly basis.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough represents the modern-day liberal.



You have to be a very ignorant person with a background devoid of religion to believe liberal policies are best for the country. To think that Biden is doing a good job in the White House is beyond absurd.

Welcome to MSNBC – where the ridiculousness knows no bounds.


This story syndicated with permission from Johnny Salvatore – Trending Politics

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